Bikini for body type

Choose swimwear according to your body shape

The first rays of sun each year herald a fevered search for the perfect bikini before the start of the holidays. The difficulty lies in finding the swimming costume that will enhance your attributes while concealing the little imperfections you might have to ensure you look fabulous! The variety of different styles, both classical and new, the trends, the fashionable colours ... can leave you feeling bewildered. 

No need to panic! The secret is to choose swimwear that suits your body shape and then to give free rein to your tastes.

Follow this 3-step guide:

1- Find out what your shape is
2- Follow the advice provided
3- Fall in love with gorgeous Brazilian Bikini Shop bikinis!

Swimwear for A-type "triangle" body shape

Swimwear for triangle body shape

You have a triangular body shape if you have slender shoulders, a well-defined waist and your hips are larger than your bust.

Because your lower body is larger than your upper body, the key is to balance your figure out visually by emphasising your top half and drawing attention away from your bottom half.

Tips for bikini for body type:

- Tops: The bandeau top! With cups, prints, fringes, ruffles, anything that enhances the bust. Push-up bras are ideal for small busts while the underwired balconnet bikini top with straight shoulder straps will benefit larger busts.

- Bottoms: Plain is best but not with too much coverage as you want to avoid a "bulky" look. A simple bikini bottom without side knots on the hips, not too narrow or large at the sides and even accessorised with flat jewels.

- One-piece swimming costumes with cup-shaped bust with or without frills and detail.

Swimwear for V-type "inverse triangle" body shape

Swimwear for inverted triangle body shape

You have a V-type body shape if you have broader shoulders than hips.

Your figure is athletic or even masculine, with a small bust and bottom. The swimming costume that will suit you best will make your figure look more feminine.

Go for bikini for body type:

- Tops: A triangle top to emphasise your neckline, with or without underwiring or padding according to the size of your bust, and with thin straps tied at the neck.

- Bottoms: Shorts, frilly or broad-edged bikini bottoms, knots on the side, patterns, pompons, fringes, vertical stripes… Choose items that add interest and draw attention to your lower body.

- If you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, choose an asymmetric design, such as a one-shoulder, or a plunging neckline and straps that tie up at the neck. 

Swimwear for H-type "rectangle" body shape

Swimwear rectangle body shape

You have an H-type body shape if your shoulders and hips are equally broad and your waist has little or no definition. Your figure is fairly straight with few curves, resulting in an androgynous look.  The key is to choose a swimming costume that redefines your waist and adds fullness to your upper and lower body.

Opt for bikini for body type:

- Top: A triangle top to counterbalance the squareness of the shoulders. Go for padded or non-padded, simple or halter-neck, push-up, or accessorised with fringes or frills, and so on. Geometric, tropical, floral, and spotty prints all enhance the bust. To add femininity to your style, indulge in a very feminine balconnet top.

- Bottoms: Choose anything that gives fullness to your curves, such as frilly edges, side-knots or belts on bikini bottoms. Graphic prints are also a good choice.

- One-piece deep-cut swimming costumes, with fairly low necklines or which play on prints. Trikinis are suitable if your waist has some definition. 

Swimwear for O-type "round" body shape

Swimwear for round body shape<

You have an O-type body shape if you have full curves, with a rounded tummy, bottom and hips, a generous cleavage and a waist with little definition.

You have a voluptuous figure, so make the most of it - no blushes necessary! Your ally on the beach is a swimming costume that emphasises your cleavage, defines your waist and draws attention away from your tummy.

Tips for bikini for body type:

- Top: An underwired balconnet bra top that both supports and enhances your cleavage. Colour is fine but avoid anything too flashy. 

- Bottoms: Full or turn-down bikini bottoms that you can fold over as much or as little as you like to hide a little tummy. The high waisted bottoms are waist-defining and, what's more, their retro look is trendy and fashionable!

- The one-piece swimsuit is often chosen by those with an O-type body shape and is the most figure-defining. Choose an underwired necklace and prints in matching rather than riotous shades.

Swimwear for X-type "hourglass" body shape

Swimwear hourglass body shape

You have an X-type body shape if your shoulders and hips are aligned and you have a slim waist. 

You have an enviably slender and well-proportioned figure that enables you to wear what you like, so make the most of it!

We love bikini for body type:

- Top: Triangle, bandeau, balconnet - everything becomes you! You can dress as fancifully as you like: prints, fringes, fluorescent colours, and so on. So why not try the latest trends such as crop tops or other original styles?

- Bottoms: High-cut Brazilian tangas and low-waisted scrunch type bottoms, side-knots and very thin sides will accentuate your dream figure.

- Trikinis and one-piece swimsuits that play with sheer and textured fabrics.

Swimwear for 8-type body shape:

Swimwear for 8-type body  shape

You have an 8-type body shape if your shoulders and hips are aligned and you have a well-defined waist. In contrast with an X-type body, you have a curvier figure with a rounded bust and hips.

Your figure is well-proportioned with lovely feminine curves - the ideal body shape! 

We love bikini for body type:

- Top: An underwired balconnet or halter-neck top to provide support and accentuate your attributes. Go for printed or plain - as you wish.

- Bottoms: Enhance your figure with bikini bottoms, whether high-cut or not, low-waisted and without knots at the hips. We also recommend high-waisted bottoms that will hug your curves and accentuate your slim waist. Guaranteed pin-up effect!

- One-piece swimsuits or trikinis with underwiring and a V-neckline.