Santa Luzia

Traditional artisanal hammocks and home decoration from the northeastern region of Brazil - State of Paraíba. Authentic, original, beautiful and unique – allow yourself a moment of relaxation in of our amazing hammocks! Hammocks have been used for ages in South America. Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles is a Brazilian brand that has been producing hammocks and home décor textiles such as blankets, cushions, bedding, curtains, home accessories and a wide range of textiles since 1986. The company’s philosophy is based on people’s comfort and wellbeing as well as on the ethical responsibility and sustainable growth. What does it mean? It assures work to local Brazilian artists and craftsmen allowing rural regions to sustain families and maintain skills passed from generation to generation. This is why each piece is unique. The materials used for the production are organic and recycled PET cotton. Cotton cultivation and recycling assures jobs in the region as well. The hammocks and home décor are beautifully designed, colorful, traditional and are absolutely fit and adjusted to the modern world. They reflect Brazilian culture and tradition, love to the nature, passion for colors and art as well as general state of happiness and wellbeing. Brazilian beauty and the attention that is given to the aesthetics is visible in each of the masterpieces that Santa Luzia Hammocks and Textiles has in its offer. Buying our products you may be sure that they are the most authentic and original as possible. Doing so, you are also supporting sustenance of Brazilian tradition and support families and artists in its northeastern region. Check out our offer and see how beautiful and irresistible the products are.
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