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Men's Swimwear - Designer bathing suits for mens

Men's designer swimwear have become an extremely popular option for men as it encompasses some of the season’s hottest styles and colors that are guaranteed to flatter and enhance just about any body type. Some men feel very comfortable with light coverage, such as a "Sunga", while others prefer moderate or more conservative coverage. The "Sunga" is a special type of traditional Brazilian swimwear for men that has been worn for many years. The popularity of these swimsuits is rapidly increasing and are very hot right now. Board shorts and MMA short are another great swimsuit option for men who prefer more modest coverage or prefer their swimsuit to have a looser fit. These shorts are comfortable and versatile, and they can be used to make a smooth transition from the water to the street. If you prefer, a sunga, swimming suit for men can also be worn under board shorts, to help keep your summer attire versatile and unique.

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Do You Know Which Men's Swimwear Styles Fit Your Body Type Best?

Whether you want to look cute on the sand for a holiday beach getaway or find great new swim shorts to wear to the pool this summer, Brazilian Bikini Shop has the men's swimwear you need to fit your unique body. As it is with regular clothing, certain types of swim trunks or shorts may flatter certain body types more than others. Find plenty of options with our beachwear for men.

Big and Tall or Thin and Tall swimwear?

If you are tall and have a bigger body, Bermuda shorts are good and usually cheap. They tend to be less baggy than some other swimming trunks. If you wear a baggier bathing suit for men, it can make you look shorter or wider. Other types of beachwear shorts that are not baggy also look good. If you want to balance your height and weight, look for an extra long boardshort. This style is usually a little wider than Bermuda shorts. The extra length and width will give you the balance you want. However, if you prefer to accentuate your height, look for shorter board shorts or swim briefs.

Big and Short or Thin and Short swimwear?

Shorter Bermuda shorts or MMA shorts are great if you are wider and shorter in stature. MMA shorts are not so baggy that they give the appearance of added weight, but they hug your legs enough to look flattering. Many bigger guys prefer not to wear a brief-style bathing suit for men, and that is perfectly fine. You will look more balanced in longer shorts that are not too baggy or too tight. Look for mens swim trunks that hug your body and are shorter. If you wear a surf short or board short that is bigger, it will make you look shorter. Tighter swimwear will flatter your body and make you look a little taller. Designs also add some depth with a slim fit.

Athletic or Average swimwear for men?

Any style may look good on a man with a body that is athletic, average weight or average height. To choose an ideal product, first decide what you want in a swimming suit for men. For example, if you want to show off your leg muscles, briefs are good. A sunga, brazilian swimming suit for men, is also an excellent choice.

Choosing a Men's Bathing Suit for Skin Tone

As you compare beachwear for men, be aware of color choices. Brighter colors, such as red, can look good on everyone. If you have white skin, black or a darker color often looks better. If you have darker skin, nearly any color looks good. However, contrasting shades are often the most striking. For example, if you are normally pale and develop a nice tan during the hotter months, certain colors will look more flattering. Navy blue, burgundy, forest green or multi-colored patterns in warm colors may look nice. To provide another example, you may look stunning in light yellow, light blue or classic colors if you maintain a beautiful brown skin tone all year. Multi-colored patterns and bright or neon colors also look attractive on men with darker skin tones. If you want to find the best swimwear for men, we offer plenty of options. If you are heading to a resort and need cheap designer swimwear for men, check out our sale page for clearance items. We make it easy to buy designer swim shorts online.

How to wash your men's swimwear?

Swim shorts and trunks should always provide comfort and be functional white performing beach activities such as sunbathing, playing frescobol, surfing or swimming. Their longevity depends a lot on how you take care of them. Here we will provide you with a piece of advice. 1. Always after swimming shake off dirt and sand and rinse the shorts in clear water. It will help to get rid of salt or chlorine leftovers which may discolor the fabrics.2. Never leave the shorts wet and folded in your beach bag.3. Turn the shorts inside out to protect the color and dry.4. Before washing also turn the shorts inside out in order to protect the color.5. Check the washing instruction on the care tag. 6. Whether machine or hand washing never use hot water and get a special mild detergent that removes salt, chlorine, odors and organic residues. Never use harsh everyday detergents. They may destroy the colors and fabrics of your swim gear.7. Dry your shorts in a shade. These simple steps will make your boardshorts and swim shorts last for many seasons in an impeccable condition!

Brazilian-made swimwear for men

Gentlemen, this summer, we're on Brazilian time!
Our online store offers a selection of men's swimwear and accessories that will help you create a look that is all your own. For a stylish sportswear look, we suggest Venum combat shorts worn over typically Brazilian sunga swim briefs, completed with Rider flip-flops designed for optimal comfort, whether playing or relaxing.
For those who prefer a more casual look, we suggest swim trunks or board shorts in a solid hue or original print, and Havaianas or Ipanema flip-flops available in a wide range of colours.
Polish off your look by adding a Panama hat, a Hipanema bracelet, and leather or denim strap sandals.
Guaranteed to make you a hit with the ladies!
Discover all our men's 100% Brazilian-made products on our online store: sunga swim briefs, swimming trunks, Havaianas flip-flops, Hipanema bracelets, and much more!

Designer beachwear & bathing suits for mens

Looking for a comfortable and trendy summer outfit? Discover our latest models and choose between swim shorts, bermudas, t-shirts, polo shirts and many other top quality pieces! Summer is the time when we wear swim shorts, t-shirts and in such an outfit we are ready to start the holidays! At the Brazilian Bikini Shop website you will find many men's summer clothes that you can successfully wear both on the beach and in the city. From now on you can feel free and look cool at the same time even in summer. No matter whether you spend time on the beach, relaxing with your friends, or having a picnic in the park, you can still be trendy and comfortable. Among the models we offer there are: bermuda shorts, casual shorts, summer trousers, t-shirts, polo t-shirts and light shirts. By combining the clothes with the beach accessories that you can find in our offer you may create a complete summer outfit. All our products are of the highest quality, their colors do not fade, even after long sun exposure or after washing and their shape and size remain unchanged. You will enjoy them for many seasons. We present you the summer inspired collection – have a look and choose something for you.

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