Find Melissa shoes in gorgeous colors for girls and women. A complement to any ensemble, Melissa let you express your personality with stylish stiletto heels, classic ballet slippers or adorable sandals. Fashioned in Brazil to reflect elegant taste and sophistication, Melissa shoes provide the flair that makes you the center of attention at any gathering. Variations on ballet slippers offer two-tones and solid colors of durable PVC. Brazilian designers of the brand incorporate style into recycled plastic, creatively putting it to work in the fashion industry. With bold designs that are fully adjustable, Melissa shoes offer freedom of expression when you create your daytime or evening ensemble.

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The favourite brand of fashionistas, Melissa has seduced the world of luxury goods and major fashion designers with its audacious, feminine and designer recycled plastic shoes. You will love this brand, you will adopt them, one pair then two, then three and you will end up owning a collection of them! You will not be able to resist Melissa shoes! A small darling of fashionistas, the Brazilian brand has known how to conquer the world of fashion with its original, even eccentric, creations which are worn very comfortably every day and in the evening by bringing a stylish touch to your outfits. In addition to its bold design, the special feature of Melissa comes from its recycled plastic material, fully adjustable, which suits all tastes and all crazes. This freedom has appealed to major stylists such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean-Paul Gaultier or Jason Wu who have been able to express their creative genius in order to bring to life models that have become iconic such as Karl Lagerfeld’s Glam stiletto with its ice cream cone heel. Allow yourself to be tempted by a pair of Melissa stilettos, then ballet pumps and strapped sandals, and become an addict!

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