Swim trunks

If you like to emphasize your silhouette and you are proportionally built to, you can choose the swim trunks to the beach. These are short men's bathing shorts whose length reaches slightly the tights. The solution is good not only to go the beach but also they are perfect for the swimming pool. Men in South America often choose this model for both purposes.
Interesting models of swim trunks are those that come in strong colors such as yellow, purple, pink, orange, green or intense blue. However there is a lot to choose. Other models come in other characteristic patterns for example geometric pixels or abstract figures. You can also find them plain - without patterns at all, in one plain color or in pop-art prints (such as newspaper clippings, comic drawings, photos, elements of everyday life), "tie-dye" or tropical patterns such as palm trees, animal patterns, as well as flowers, stripes etc. Some designs are inspired by retro style (they are more built-up, with the designs resembling the style of the 50s and 60s) or classic prints (white and black always works).

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Swim trunks as well as classic swimsuits are made of elastic fabric and their cut is quite fit and adhering to the silhouette. This type of swimming shorts most resembles the shape of underwear boxers with short legs, which are made of elastic cotton. What distinguishes them from the classic cut is that these shorts have short legs that also adhering to the body. Men's swim trunks will serve great not only on the beach but also at the swimming pool. As they fit well to the body, they do not cause trouble while swimming. Well suited swim trunks should not be too small - the legs cannot be too tight - and at the same time they must be long enough to cover the lower part of the male buttocks. When deciding on choosing this model, remember that the waist should be above the butt line, and the shorts must be large enough to cover not only the buttocks but also a little the thigh. Reflecting on this model, you should consider not only the comfort, but also the type of your body. This cut is especially recommended for men with long legs (because the legs can be slightly shorten optically). They are also perfect for men with narrow hips and broad shoulders. We recommend them to men with small belly. Fashionable pieces can be both monochromatic and colored. They can be also found in geometric patterns and resemble the style of the ‘70s. Men's swim trunks can be basically found in almost all colors and prints. An additional advantage is that they dry quickly. Swim trunks that you find in our offer remain non-transparent even after contact with water. Their colors do not fade even after long and intense exposure to sunlight and salt water. They will serve for many seasons. Take a look at our collection and choose something for yourself.
If you want to emphasize your sporty body and great silhouette choose swim trunks to the beach! On Brazilian Bikini Shop you will find the latest trends and fashionable prints!