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Do you love active time on the beach spent with the family or friends? If so, the beach bats and frescobol are your best allies! Choose between our finest models right from well-known brands! Instead of skiing on snowy slopes would you like to run away from winter to a warm seaside? You should also remember about the right accessories that will make your holiday on the beach fun and active. Fashion for sports lasts all year long! One of the necessary gadgets are beach bats usually to play frescobol. Frescobol is most closely associated with Copacabana Beach, but it is very popular in almost every latitude. This is a very social beach game, which is about playing together a small and hard ball with special palettes. The game is not about competition, but rather about active and fun way of spending time together on the beach. In the game’s country of origin: Brazil even the championships in this discipline take place every year. Frescobol is not only a beach game, but also a lifestyle element of those, who spend most of their free time on sunny beaches. On the Brazilian Bikini Shop website you will find many sets of this popular game. Beach bats come in various designs and colors and are made of wood or modern glass fibers.

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Frescobol game comes from Brazil, although today it is gaining more and more popularity on beaches of the whole world. This is a very simple and social game where you can spend the day at the beach with friends or family in a fun and active way. The game consists of bouncing a small, hard ball with wood or wood-like bats. The idea is to keep the ball as long as possible in the game - there are no winners or losers. Although in the country of the game’s origin - Brazil  - there are competitions in this discipline every year.
The beach bats are offered by many manufacturers and brands i.e. Rio de Sol, Blue Man or Crypton. They are produced in beautiful colors and patterns, from calm and toned, through one color to very eye-catching colors and prints. Some models are made of wood, other fiberglass - no matter what you choose, they will definitely give you plenty of fun on the beach. What is more you can use it not only by the water, of course they will be a great fun by the sea, but also as a great entertainment in the park or in the yard.

Check out our beach palettes offer and try playing frescobol! You will surely spread this new summer hobby on your friends and family and your days on the beach will be full of fun and action! Choose among live colors: yellow, orange, green, pink, maybe white or black? There are many options, you will definitely find something for yourself and your loved ones. It's also a great idea for kids or as a holiday gift. It is a must have everyone who is going on holiday and loves active way of spending time!

Brazilian Beach bats brands

Are you a fan of frescobol and love spending active time at the beach? If so, visit Brazilian Bikini Shop and choose one of original Brazilian beach bats sets!

Check out our luxury beach bats from Frescobol Carioca – a unique brand inspired by the Rio de Janeiro and its inhabitants’ lifestyle. Relax, joy and friendliness is what you get buying our beachwear, beach bats, accessories and much more!

Crypton is a Brazilian brand which since the year 2000 produces beach bats and accessories to play frescobol. Frescobol is a beach game, which originated in Brazil in 1945. It requires two beach bats (usually made of wood or fiberglass) and a hard little ball. There are no losers or winners – the partners in the game need to bounce the ball as many times as they can! Crypton delivers the equipment for this friendly game. The name of the company comes from the super hero, associated with strength and power. Quality, endurance and customer satisfaction and the three pillars of Crypton’s philosophy. In the offer you will find wooden beach bats in many colors and with different prints, including the company logo and Brazilian flag as well as fiber beach bats – even more colorful! The brand offers as well matching beach bats cases, frescobol balls and kits – all you need to spend a fun and active day on the beach with your friends or family!
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