Beach bags

An essential accessory for any feminine outfit, the beach bags and beach totes comes in all shapes and sizes to adapt to your needs and desires.  From the very practical plastic shopping bag to put in the sand or on the grass, via large beach bags and toiletry bags for your small belongings, choose the one to suit you the best to be able to transport pareo, sun cream and magazine or simply your sunglasses and prettiest lip gloss.  Trendier pieces are also offered, like the wicker basket adorned with multicoloured pompoms to accompany you on the beaches of St Tropez or the mochila for Fashionistas. Everyone can thus find the bags for the beach they are looking for among our selection straight from Latin America.

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Beach tote

Beautiful nomad lifestyle & bohemia inspired collection of clothes and beach bags totes of any type you can imagine. Great quality, style and natural materials are the distinguishing features of these designer beach tote. For women and girls who love never-ending summer and traveling.

Straw beach bag

Beau comme un lundi – beautiful as Monday. Does it make any sense? Oh yes! The history behind this French brand’s name is based on the life of a girl who lived by the sea, but had to work on the weekends so she had to come to the beach on Mondays. Mondays can be also beautiful! This unique collection of straw beach bags and outfits is inspired by summer, travelling, nomad lifestyle and bohemia. The production is carried out in Bali. The pieces are handmade from natural materials, so that each item is unique. The traditional manual skills and techniques are crucial and highly appreciated by our customers. All these features you will find at beau comme un lundi. Clothes and large beach bags made of natural materials such as jute fibers, natural straw, cotton will be your best company during your trips. Smile to life – this is the brand’s philosophy! Baskets, pouches, handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, travel bags and much more is waiting for you to discover. Dresses, tunics, pareos, shorts and pants in bohemian style with a little vibe of melancholy will be perfect for your summer destinations.

Waterproof beach bags

These waterproof beach bags bring style, convenience, and comfort to your pool trips, hiking adventures, cycling journeys, and more. Ideal for sail sports, extreme water sports, and snow sports, these extra large water resistant beach bags are highly versatile. From marine outings to beach vacations, you’ll have the perfect pouch to accompany you on your outdoor excursions.

Equipped with a reliable zipper, waterproof features, and a large interior, this backpack comes with convenient, durable, and sizable components. Suitable for adventure travel fans, beachgoers, and the outdoorsy type, this unique, handmade bag complements all lifestyles. Keep your belongings dry, travel in style, and support sustainability when you opt for Feelfree’s all-natural beach bags.

How to clean beach bags?

Beach bags can be made of many materials: natural straw, synthetic straw, plastic or organic cotton. Therefore, there are many ways to take care of it.

1) First of all, no matter the fabrics, always before leaving the beach, shake off as much sand as possible. Do it carefully, so it will spare lots of trouble at home.

2) If it is made of plastic, you can simply wash by hand, using soap and warm water and a piece of cloth or soft sponge. Never wash it in the washing machine.

3) If the beach bag is made of cotton ? you can probably wash it in the washing machine, however, hand washing is always safer (check what the care tag says). Before washing you can vacuum it and leave it in a warm water basin so that the textile will get a bit loose and the sand will fall out to the bottom of the basin. Follow the care tag instructions concerning washing all the textile bags.

4) If your beach bag is made of straw: the procedure is similar as with the beach hats. Brush off the dirt and dust using a bristle brush and always brush with the nap of the straw. Remove oily stains using cornstarch or talcum powder. Sprinkle it on a stain, leave for a couple of hours and brush the stain off. Another kind of common stains, such as ice-cream stains, you can remove using a white cloth dampened in warm water and hydrogen peroxide (or a gentle soap).

5) Dry the beach bag in the shade completely before the next use.

This simple instruction should keep your bag for the beach looking sharp all summer long!

The bag that best suits you for the beach

Between organic cotton, jute and straw beach bag, totes and wicker baskets choose the bag that best suits you to transport your small belongings to the beach.
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