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Are you going for a picnic or want to make one on the beach! Check out what we have for you in our picnic collection! All picnic articles that you find on our page are not only fun but also perfectly manufactured! Think of a fun and relaxed day in the park or on the beach with your family or friends. Sun shines and you hear some waves from a bit of distance. Why not to spend all day like that? What you need is a bit of comfort, food and fun! Our picnic collection may be of a great help in this special moments. Starting with picnic mats, that are big and comfortable, provide lots of space and are easily folded into a bag that you can carry on your shoulder. We also have beautiful, durable and fun designed lunch boxes that will serve great if you want to carry delicious homemade food to the beach with you. We also have drink cups and drink flasks in fun summery patterns and colors. What is more if you need something to be cool or chilled – take one of our coolers – you will appreciate a lot some chilled food or drinks in a hot sunny day! And always check our collection – we are constantly expanding it to your biggest convenience!

Home decor inspired by summer and beach lifestyle?

It has never been so simple! Check our special offer in HOME & ENERTAINING Department and see how beautifully and in a fun way you can enhance your house. Our wide range of home décor products will take you for a faraway trip on a sunny beach and you don’t even need to leave your home! Here is what you can find: beautiful and fun lamps inspired by fruits, flamingoes and tropics, musical instrument and radios that will be a good entertainment at home, garden party or at the beach. Cocktail straws, umbrellas and markers will make all of your parties fun and unique! We also have candles and party equipment, outdoor and indoor games, amazing garden accessories and furniture, festive little things that will make your days and nights joyful! Check our collection – we are constantly updating and searching for new summery items especially for you!

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