In 1984 two Argentinian brothers Fernando and Santiago Aguerre founded REEF brand. Their passion was surfing and beach and they wanted very much to share this love with the rest of the world. They created high-quality beach shoes, sandals and flip flops in order to keep up with the lifestyle they loved and wanted to promote it widely. Later on, they decided to develop the company further in the Southern California and they decided to move there. The Reef footwear was constantly improved until it has become iconic, as it is nowadays.

The brand’s motto is: Beach Freely. What does it mean? The company encourages people around the world to embrace, enjoy and have fun at the beach. This is the main rule while creating the footwear. They promote an absolute beach freedom whatever you do: surf, swim, sunbathe, built sand castles, detect metals, enjoy the beach bar and anything you can imagine! Whatever you do at the beach - beach freely and enjoy yourself. The Reef footwear is designed to make you feel comfortable, free and relaxed no matter the circumstances.

The love for the beach made Reef support the preservation and restoration of beaches and oceans all over the world. Why? So that everyone can Beach Freely.

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