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Come and discover our range of high quality women' plus size swimwear and trendy plus size bathing suits. So what will it be, an ultra-chic underwired bra two-piece set or the style and charm of a colorful one-piece miraclesuit? Cyber shopping might seem challenging, but we are here to help. Forget flounce, wrap a pareo around your hips or wear one of our lace beach dresses. Little mesh on the front of a bathing suit, lingerie-like bikini bras will save your nerves. You can mix and match solid colors and vertical stripes, fronts with high necks and mesh elements. Wide straps that cross on the back, bras with wide straps are as much important in swimsuits and in lingerie. Halters are the kind of bikini bras that you tie on your neck, they ensure good support for any big breasts. A criss cross tankini set will be perfect if you want to hide your tummy. It will be also very comfortable if you want to take a swim. You will cross many eye glances! You can select from our exclusive miraclesuit offer such as white plus size swimsuit, add some details, compose your own set thanks to the mix and match option and be ready to rock any beach! Add a pair of trendy sunglasses, a beautiful necklace. The choice is yours! The choice is yours!

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Sexy plus size swimwear

What plus size bikini models to choose when you have some lovely extra curves? Curvy women have sometimes trouble to find their dream bikini. What bathing suits should you choose when you have feminine shapes? We have prepared a little guide for you and many plus size bikini models!

Plus size bikinis

We often wrongly think that the plus-size one-piece swimsuit is the only one to camouflage the curves. It can be very attractive (e.g. a tankini set) and ideal if you want to practice sports or swim. However, you can always go for another type of plus-size swimwear such as thong bikini. Plus size string bikini is a great option for every self-confident woman! You will look wonderful in a retro, wraparound, and sleek fit of a plus size two-piece swimsuit! The high-waist bottom is ideal to camouflage a round belly harmoniously. Swimsuits models are a trendy option for all the ladies.

Trendy plus size swimwear

Is trendy plus size swimwear made for you if you have a love bundles? Sometimes when we have little fat rolls and some belly we want to enhance our figure at the beach. And it is quite all right! Today many two-piece models allow shaping our bodies the way we want. Underwired bikini bra is one of them, it will make you look like a pin-up girl. High-waist bottoms will hide your belly just the way you want! Do not hesitate to combine it with a plus-size long dress or beach skirt to feel comfortable. It is a good solution when you have bigger thighs! One-piece bathing suits for thick girls are also an awesome solution. You can always wrap around you one of our pareos and tie it the way you want. Make a beach dress or a skirt – let your imagination fly!

What to pay attention to while choosing bikinis for plus size ladies?

Always choose a good quality fabric. It gives the shape to the swimsuit which is very important for a plus-size woman. It will enhance the forms of your body. It will shape your silhouette, ensure the support to your chest and allow you to feel beautiful. Nowadays, there is a lot of interesting and beautiful plus-size swimsuits. You don’t need to hide anymore, cherish and appreciate your body no matter the size! If you are proud of your bum go for a plus size thong swimsuit. Plus size thong bathing suits are very popular in Latin countries, they glorify beautiful feminine shapes. Get one of our underwired models and feel the joy of summer! Flatter your neck and cleavage with big breasted plus size swimsuits and feel like one of the sexy Brazilian plus size models.

Shop trendy plus size bathing suits

It seems as if women's plus size swimwear is finally receiving the attention that it deserves. While there used to be more limited options for swimsuits for bigger ladies, it appears that designers have finally seen just how important it is to design beautiful, sexy swimwear in these sizes. In the category of plus size beachwear, women now have the option of finding bikinis in fun prints, as well as gorgeous one-pieces that will dazzle anyone who sees them. There are now all sorts of amazing plus size bathing suits options that will make a woman feel confident and proud of her body whenever she steps into her suit. Check out or trendy plus size swimsuit patterns. Use ornaments and slimming details. Forget any kind of flounce. Try models such as plus size cheeky swimwear, thong, bandeau...

Plus-size underwired swimwear

Are you a curvy woman who needs some comfort and support at the beach? What is the beach dress code this summer? Check out our offer of plus-size underwired swimwear that flatters feminine shapes. Underwire swimsuits for big busts plus size will flatter curvy girls’ cleavages and keep the breasts in the best possible and comfortable position. Underwired plus-size bikini, tankini, one-piece and swim dresses are waiting for you! Just see and select what suits you best. A wide price range allows you to select underwired lingerie-like bikini tops, with some mesh elements on front or back, vertically striped swimsuits, lace long or short beach skirts and dresses. Solid colors and trendy details are for you. Check out or store and enjoy cyber shopping! Plus-size women usually have a generous chest. It is extremely important to ensure them the optimal support and comfort. How to do that? By choosing a plus-size underwired swimsuit! In bigger sizes, they usually come with wider straps, so that you can feel comfortable. The combination of underwire and wide straps will make your cleavage look super sexy, it will boost your confidence and will give you the freedom to fully enjoy summer days. You may choose among many exclusive underwired models. One-piece swimsuits will be perfect for women who have some belly and don’t want to show it too much. However, it is important to add that one-pieces became extremely trendy and women no matter the size or age choose this model as their beach outfit number one nowadays. Underwired plus-size bikini is also a great idea, especially if you want to make your own size and color combination. Big chest doesn’t have to come together with a larger bottom and on the opposite. Two-pieces will assure freedom of choice and you will be able to create your own unique bikini set. Go for an underwired plus-size swim dress with underwire if you want your belly, bottom and thighs covered! We have all option you can imagine ready for you!

Plus-size two-piece swimsuit

Cherish your feminine shapes and go for a plus-size two-piece swimsuit! Perfect support, slimming cuts, beautiful patterns and latest collections from the top beachwear brands – check it out! Plus-size two-piece swimsuit for curvy women is a great option nowadays. Feminine shapes started to be appreciated again and the fashion world opened finally for more generous figures. This is why today you can freely choose from many models, cuts and colors. Practically everything that is accessible for slim figures exists also in a “plus-size” edition. However, feminine curves need some extra care and that is why fabrics should be always of the highest quality, finishing shall be perfect and cuts ought to flatter what is the best in the generous silhouette. If you have a bigger bust you should opt for an underwired top and wider straps – they will assure optimal support for your beasts and will make your cleavage look divine. If you have a tummy – go for high-waisted models. Some of them have even a sewn-in “flat tummy” band that will make your belly look great! This is also the retro style – highly appreciated by the world of fashion. Underwired top and high-waist bottom will give you an irresistible look of a pin-up girl! How sexy is that?! If you want to cover your derriere - no worries – we have options for you. One of them is a flouncy skirted bottom or a bottom with a pareo-like skirt that can be tied around your waist if needed. It will make you feel confident and carefree. Many brands have plus-size two-piece swimwear in their collection and the offer is growing each season! Just go for it!

Cheap plus size swimwear

Plus size Brazilian swimwear - sale, clearance and special prices. If you are looking for a special price of any two-piece set or a mesh miraclesuit and want to save money sign up to our Newsletter and get a code for free delivery. Always remember about special occasions: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Cyber Week, annuals sale and so on. Check out our sale section - maybe it is a clearance time? Beach dresses, underwired bikini bras ready to mix and match with a pair of a beach short or an exclusive lace miraclesuit at a good price. Shop cheap plus size swimwear on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

Plus-size one-piece swimsuit

Super feminine, hot and trendy plus-size one-piece swimsuits from top Brazilian swimwear fashion brands! If you are a woman with curves looking for a perfect plus size cheeky swimsuit you are in the right place! A plus-size one-piece swimsuit is a perfect solution for all women with feminine curves. One-piece is a very hot trend and women all over the world no matter the size are currently choosing this model. It looks great, assures comfort, allows you to practice sports and matches perfectly with a pair of shorts or a beach skirt. Curvy women who don’t want to show their bellies will feel good and comfortable wearing one of our proposals. What is more, plus-size one-piece swimsuits come in many options: they can have a built-in push-up, underwire, flat tummy effect band and much more. Some models come with a pareo-like skirt that you can tie around your waits when needed. There are models with adjustable or removable stripes that will assure nice support for your bust and equal tan when you take them off. They come in a variety of colors and prints, many of them optically shapes the figure. Special plus size swimsuit patterns, shirring or cuts give the illusion of proportions (read: hourglass silhouette). Be trendy this summer and choose a perfect swimsuit from our wide collection!

Plus-size swim dress

Plus-size swim dresses from top brands! Choose among many beautiful and fashionable pieces, latest cuts, color and prints – on Brazilian Bikini Shop only! What is a plus-size swim dress? It is a good alternative for every curvy woman who doesn’t want to show too much body by the poolside or at the beach. It is kind of a combination of a traditional one-piece swimsuit and a skirt. Most swim dresses have a built-in one-piece swimsuit underneath. In a loose swim dress from below the bust down there are separate bottoms in a matching fabric. There are also styles that are tight fitting and their bottom is sewn into the dress at the low hip. They look like mini dresses but are much more forgiving than their cousins – swimsuits or bikinis. They are very comfortable and allow to both swim and sunbathe while you carefreely enjoy summer! Plus-size swim dress doesn't leave the thighs and stomach exposed, the way traditional swimsuits do. They can even have plus size thong bikini bottoms and be far more flattering to those who don't have supermodel figures. There is one more advantage: as they cover more body, they are safer, leaving less of your skin to be exposed to the sun's harmful radiation. Do not make the mistake of considering that plus-size swim dresses are old-fashioned. Since when has a cute minidress ever been considered not trendy? Our pieces come from world’s know swimwear fashion brands. When combined with a summer tan and a pair of pretty flip-flops, swim dresses can also be very seductive and will give you the necessary self-confidence to enjoy summertime without worrying about your figure.

Plus-size skirted swimwear

Looking for a beautiful and trendy plus-size skirted plus size bathing suit models? Check out our offer of swimsuits for heavy women and feel sexy, confident and comfortable in the hottest pieces from the latest collections! Everyone’s body is different and each of us has their own idea about the perfect swimsuit. There are also many different purposes: sports, lounging by the poolside or sunbathing at the beach. Plus-size skirted swimwear has many advantages. It shapes a little bit the feminine silhouette and on the other hand, camouflages slightly little flows of our bodies. It makes you feel more comfortable and self-confident. Very often if it is not your bust that you are worried about, it is your derriere. Skirted women's plus size thong swimwear comes to the rescue with frill-bottom swimsuits that work like a little skirt without drawing too much unnecessary attention to the potential areas of your concern. We also offer plus-size bikini with skirted plus size thong bikini bottom. Some models allow to tie the skirt around the waist when needed or lift it up using adjustable side-ties. While sunbathing you may just lift up the skirt and assure beautiful and equal tan. When you need to go to the beach bar or even sea-side promenade just make it longer! Simple and easy solution for all plus-size women who love their bodies and want to feel sexy and feminine this summer! On our website you can find a skirted one-piece swimsuit, tankini and bikini from many Brazilian and South American brands. The choice is yours! A skirted bathing suit is a must-have for every vacation! Once you try we assure you, it will be your favorite item for all your vacation destinations!

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