Colorful, intricate and unique, the appealing and popular Hipanema bracelet captures the imagination of every woman who longs for a more fashionable look. Created by two friends from Paris, France, the Hipanema gets its charm from inspirational color themes originating in enchanting Rio. Women who love wearing bracelets want to own several varieties of them featuring multiple colors gracefully interwoven in eye-catching patterns. In the Hipanema bracelet, seashells and pearls immerse in delicate rainbow layers. Thanks to the Brazilian design featuring a clasp with a built-in magnet, fastening ties no longer presents a challenge. Designed with passion and artistry, every woman deserves to own the Hipanema bracelet.

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Hipanema Bracelet

The ribbons from Bahia mix with the legendary Copacabana bracelets and the quartz stones with various seashells. These cuffs can be worn double or triple. The more the merrier Hipanema came into being after two Parisian girls met in Rio. Inspired by colours seen during their travels, the two young blondes from Paris decided to bring back some Brazilian glamour in their suitcases. Apart from being the "must have" of summer 2012, the HIPANEMA bracelet is a revolutionary concept for all the fashionistas wearing trinkets on their wrists. "I love wearing lots of Brazilian bracelets but having to tie and untie them one by one till they break became a bore" says Delphine. "After a couple of years it becomes difficult to keep wearing the old discoloured ties and it's not easy to match them with ones wardrobe" replies Jenny. This is how it all started... The very chic magnetised clasp offers a great alternative to the holiday bracelets. The Brazilian ties go from being a post-holiday drag to being a real ethnic fashion accessory which livens up our urban wear. Made from pearls, seashells and multicoloured threads, the HIPANEMA bracelets come in 8 different models.

The history of Hipanema brand The story of Hipanema begins with the meeting of two Parisian girls, Delphine and Jenny, on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Both of the girls being from Paris, they were instantly attracted to each other and began to discuss the interesting beaded bracelets crafted by the locals. During their talks, the girls discovered that they had the same problem with these bracelets: There is no easy way to remove them. Brazilian beaded bracelets are not meant to be removed. Once they are put on a person’s wrist, they are meant to stay there forever. Unfortunately, the bracelets wear out very quickly when they are worn all the time, and eventually, they have to be cut free. Delphine and Jenny decided that when they returned to Paris, they would design a Brazilian bracelet that could be removed. The fruit of the girls’ labor is a Brazilian bracelet fitted with a magnetic clasp. This clasp is strong enough to stay together under most circumstances but can easily be removed with a quick tug. The name Hipanema was chosen as a combination of the word hip and the popular region of Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema. The bracelets are all handmade, and their popularity soared in 2011. However, they are extremely difficult to find in retail stores outside of Europe.

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