Who says that one-piece swimsuits have to be boring? Liven up your summer fun with a fresh and flirty monokini. A monokini takes the fit of a one-piece and pairs it with the coverage of a bikini. Consider a monokini a piece with fun ties and wide cutouts on the side. Try one that fits like a halter top with a plunging neckline. There are options with a simple cut while others may have intricate cutouts to create a distinctive beach look. With so many variations, it is possible to find a monokini in any color, style and size, ensuring that everyone can find the right monokini for their holiday fun. Take a quick view of the latest collection on our site! Monokini is a perfect gift for a pool party. Check out our virtual display and select a beautiful red color piece with a Spanish neckline! Pick up one of our unique size dresses, wrap a pareo on your hips or get a lace cover-up and you are ready to rock every holiday resort!

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What is a monokini?

Take a quick view of the internet search results. You will find a black and white picture with a topless item. Who invented women’s monokini? Any dictionary will tell you that monokini was invented by Rudi Gerneich and it used to be a topless piece. Today it is a little bit different. It is not showing and revealing so much as its ancestor made by Rudi. Flatter your sexy figure with this season’s hottest new style, the monokini swimsuits. A perfect blend of one-piece and bikini, our monokini bathing suit come in a vast array of cuts, prints, patterns and styles to flatter your silhouette (especially the waist!). The cut out monokini or trikini is the type of sexy Brazilian beachwear. These bathing suits offer more coverage than a bikini, yet the sex appeal of a one piece cut out is undeniable. Monokini swimsuits let you feel confident and beautiful while revealing less than you might think. Whether you opt for a cute high-necked style or monokini push-up, you'll love the boost this chic suit gives you. Select your favorite features: lace, strappy inserts or ruffle fabric! No need of any dictionary search, our site will tell you all. A monokini (or a trikini in Spanish, French, Italian) is a noun. A monokini is used all around the world: France, the United States and many other countries. The translation of monokini - trikini. The word means the same in English, Spanish, Italian and many other languages. In English monokini (Mono kini) brings to the mind that it belongs to ONE piece swimsuits family after all!

Get the right fit of monokini suits

You may be wondering who this style suits best. While various body types can look good in this cut, it works best on those with slender builds. The monokini body type is rather skinny or a hourglass shape. Cutouts create curves on the athletic rectangle body shape and place extra emphasis on the curves of the hourglass body shape. This suit's high-cut, low-rise thong bottom reveals quite a bit of skin. An underwired top provides support for light swimming or hanging out poolside. Plenty of confidence and a slim figure are the keys to pulling off this daring look. Select an item from our sale section and get a good price! Sign up to our Newsletter and get free shipping as a gift!

Monokini bathing suits - suit your style

You'll find this stunning design in a variety of styles. Crochet knit lends an earthy style, while a black monokini looks chic and streamlined. It doesn't get more elegant than a white monokini, and red is perfect for bringing out in your inner siren. Whatever your style, you can't miss with this cutting-edge yet ultra-feminine design. Black, red, rose, lace, ruffle, strappy and much more sexy features! A cute monokini is revealing but still covering what it should, just like a deep plunge one piece swimsuit. Trikini swimsuits come in variety of styles: crochets monokini, strappy monokini, cut out monokini, halter monokini, and colors: pink monokini, yellow monokini, black monokini, white monokini swimsuits, black and white monokini, blue monokini etc.

Where to wear a monokini swimwear?

If you're wondering where to try this look on, dip your toes in the water and try it out among friends by the pool. Or be bold and head to the beach in style. From preventing tan lines to avoiding tugging at low-cut bottoms, this one-piece offers a bevy of benefits wherever you go to relax by the water. Take a quick view of our online display and hit the waterpark slides or a pool party! Wrap a beautiful pareo around your hips and you have an outfit to the beach bar.

How to wear monokini?

Imagine a black monokini. On the back, it usually looks like bikini bottoms and a top, but the front piece makes the difference (seems almost like a one-piece swimsuit). You can wear it under dresses or wrap a pareo around your hips and head to the seaside holiday (enjoy water slides!)! This front piece swimsuit with cutouts may vary one from another. However, it is not a topless swimsuit. Perfect for a pool party or a beach party, will be also an awesome gift idea. Where to find a monokini? Take a quick view of our collection! Women looking to buy this distinctive suit won't find it just anywhere. The unique style, conceived in the swinging sixties and beloved in Brazil, is usually only found at specialty swimwear sites and shops. We're proud to bring you a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and designs for your every mood. Shop our site for the best selection and to ensure quality. Upgrade your summer by stepping into this iconic swim look. Bypass predictable styles in favor of the unexpected with South American flavor. Make the most of your seaside holiday or an ordinary day on the patio wearing this daring yet elegant design. The classic beauty of the halter top and boldness of its bottom piece combine to create a sensational, eye-catching look for any occasion by the water. Whether for ordering umbrella-topped drinks poolside, enjoying the slide in a water park or kicking up the sand by the ocean, few swim designs offer this much personality and sex appeal. What's better than achieving a swim-ready look that's like nothing else by the water? Getting a great price, of course! You'll find reasonably priced styles so you can find looks for every need. Match it with ruffle lace dresses! Take a quick view of our sale price. It makes it even easier to slip into the most talked-about suit around (or buy it as a gift!).

A monokini swimsuit or a one-piece?

Do you want to look feminine on the beach or at the pool? If you answered yes to this question, then the monokini definitely should find a place in your wardrobe. Mono kini - a brand new noun created by Rudi Gernreich. It is quite demanding and works best with slim women. An impeccable figure will surely be beautifully emphasized by cutouts that characterize this cut. If you are a happy owner of a slim and well-shaped figure - monokini is a great idea for you for the summer. Check out our wide range of models from different designers and try this unique cut this summer! It accentuates the waist showing fine feminine curves. Off the shoulder models are very seductive. Lace and other special features like strappy or ruffle inserts make them even more flirtatious! Search and select your favorite color: black, red, rose? Each and every item is made of a high-quality fabric, even after getting wet they stay transparent and not showing anything unwanted. It is very revealing but less daring then topless. Perfect for any summer holiday! We offer designs of such brands as: Rio de Sol, New Beach, Seaster, Blue Man and many others, including luxury ones. Our cross-section of models and prices will surreally allow you to choose something for yourself! Sign up for our newsletter and get a free shipping coupon in your inbox. If you are looking for a good price check out our sale section. Read our privacy policy and general terms and conditions - your purchases are safe with us! A quick view of monokini ideas: red color, lace fabrics, wrap top part, Spanish neckline, ruffle, strappy features. In terms of colors and patterns, you will find absolutely everything. Shop monokinis and other items from our offer: long dresses, mini dresses, halter beach tops, pareos to wrap around the hips.

Black monokini

Huge choice of black monokini swimsuits from latest hot collections of top South American brands. Newest cuts and trends – all of this you will find only on Brazilian Bikini Shop! Be classy and out of the box at the same time! Why stick to bikini or one piece swimwear all the time? Try going for monokini. Black monokini is very elegant both because of its color and cut. Monokini looks like one piece from the from and like bikini from the back. It has side cuts so that adds nice curves and shape to your silhouette. The shape of black monokini depends highly on the designers creativity and current beach fashion trends. It is important though to have quite a good figure if you want to wear sexy black monokini on the beach. The sophisticated shape makes is a perfect outfit for a cocktail party by the pool or a yacht cruise. Our black monokinis come from South America, mostly Brazil where people pay a lot of attention on the beauty of the feminine body. Monokini is to enhance and cherish it. This is one of the most feminine cuts. Why don’t you try one yourself? Check out or monokini sale!

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