Scrunch bikini

We bet you will fall for one of our gorgeous Brazilian scrunch bikinis with their oh-so-feminine wavy edges! Patterned and in solid colors, textured, accessorized - explore the amazing scrunch bathing suits collection at our online store. Trendy and very feminine, scrunch bikini bottoms will draw out a pretty heart shape on your bum and create an illusion of an even more rounded shape. It is a must-have for every woman who likes to accentuate her feminine shape. You will not pass unnoticed at the beach, Brazilian scrunch bikini bottoms are not only very sexy but also extremely beautiful. We offer you a wide range of colors, patterns, shapes, and styles. We have for you fixed, hipster and side tide ruched bikini bottoms – choose the one that will flatter best your rear parts!

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Scrunch bikini bottoms

Coming straight from Latin America, the scrunch bikini bottoms have been specially designed to accentuate the buttocks, and give them a more rounded look. They were created in Colombia and quickly adopted by the Brazilians. These bottoms - also called ripple or ruched – form a heart shape on your bum, thanks to a set of elastic bands, which gather up the material in its center, and ripple the edges for a very feminine effect. Trendy and steamy, the scrunch bikini is unavoidable this summer and will make all those who wear it more sensual.

Ruched bikini bottom

Ruched bikini bottoms are one of the top choices for summer. Many women decide to go for this model, as they accentuate sexy rear curves. They are available in solid colors and patterns. A pair of white ruched bikini bottoms and black ruched bikini bottoms are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. If you follow the newest trends for animal print ruched bikini bottoms or fluorescent bright ruched bikini bottoms. They will be visible from far away and you definitely won’t stay unnoticed at the beach! If you prefer simplicity and minimalism, try fixed Brazilian scrunch bikini bottom in nude or peach pink. They will still flatter your body while being more discreet.

Ruched back bikini bottoms

Ruched back bikini bottom is one of the best inventions in beachwear fashion. It flatters femininity and opts for body positivity. Scrunch bathing suit bottoms are beloved by women all around the world and you can see them on the beach on almost every continent. Ruched back bikini bottoms can be mix and matched with every type of top. If you like bandeau bikini tops – it is a perfect solution. If you need to create some more volume to your shapes” a ruched back bikini bottom plus a push-up top are a perfect combination. And if you are a lucky owner of a generous chest – make a set of scrunch bikini bottoms and an underwired top! Ruched bikinis are for everyone – just find the color and style that will match your body and soul!

Brazilian scrunch bottoms

Since Colombia is the place where some of the hottest swimwear fashions are born, it is no surprise that the sultry ruched bikini bottom originated there. The scrunch bikini bottom accentuates and even boosts the natural round bottom shape with a gathered or ruched middle, which creates a ripple. This ripple is what makes the scrunch bikini bottom hug each curve of your natural shape and give it an attractive heart-like appearance. The result is a perfect rounded beach bottom. Look sexier and curvier whether you have minimal or defined curves. The scrunch bikini bottom is a must-have for any fashionable beach babe or sun goddess.

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