Scrunch bikini

Or perhaps you'll fall for one of our gorgeous Brazilian scrunch bikinis with their oh-so-feminine wavy edges! Patterned or plain-coloured, textured, accessorised, explore the amazing range in our specialist online store. Trendy and very feminine, the scrunch bottoms will draw out a pretty heart shape on your buttocks to give them a more rounded look. Unavoidable!

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Coming straight from Latin America, the scrunch bottoms have been specially designed to bring out the buttocks, and give them a more rounded look. Created in Colombia, and quickly adopted by the Brazilians, these bottoms - also called ripple - bring out a heart shape, thanks to a set of elastic bands, which gather up the material in its centre, and ripple the edges for a very feminine finish. Trendy and steamy, the scrunch is absolutely unavoidable this summer, and will make all those who wear it more sensual.
Since Colombia is the place where some of the hottest swimwear fashions are born, it is no surprise that the sultry scrunch bikini bottom originated there. The scrunch bikini bottom accentuates natural shape with a gathered or ruched middle, which creates a ripple. This ripple is what makes the scrunch bikini bottom hug each curve of your natural shape and give it an attractive heart-like appearance. The result is a perfect rounded beach bottom. Look sexier and curvier whether you have minimal or defined curves. The scrunch bikini bottom is a must-have for any fashionable beach babe or sun goddess.