Halter bikini

For women who want to instill a breath of fresh air into their swimsuit wardrobes, a halter bikini is the perfect addition to any closet. Just like the halter dress, the halter bikini provides a good deal of support while hugging curves closely and giving off a sexy vibe. Women who like to get in some vigorous swimming will enjoy the coverage that the top provides, while still providing exceptional support. It's no wonder that the halter bikini has recently become a must-have item for style-conscious women. Perfect for someone who's ready to try out something new, the halter bikini is sure to score tons of compliments at any beach party.

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Essential on any beach, the halter top swimsuit is as practical as it is attractive. Take your pick from our sliding models, with decorative "jewellery", printed patterns, draped styling and much more!

Available sizes
Saha LIMAO LENCO   $152.99 
Available sizes
Maryssil CARMEL   $86.47 
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