Cheeky bikini

There are so many reasons to wear cheeky bikini! Be proud of your body and choose one of our hottest models! Our collection is always up to date and reflects latest beach fashion trends.

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Why not trying cheeky bikini? There are a few good reasons to choose this cut. The cut reveals a bit of the buttocks but is not as tiny as string bikini. It shall make you feel confident and comfortable on the beach. We should not be too hard on ourselves thinking that only models deserve pretty and body revealing bikini bottoms. Take a risk and see what happens – cheeky cut may become your favorite! It makes even bigger booties look smaller and curvy at the same time! The special cut enhances curves and praises feminine silhouette. Thanks to cheeky bottoms your lower parts will get some suntan and it will make them look fabulous! A bronze bum helps to hide some flaws we do not always appreciate like cellulite, stretch marks and other subtle imperfections on the skin. Wearing cheeky bikini you can be proud of your curves!