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Gym leggings

Gym leggings – a must have of every gym lover’s wardrobe. Long, medium or short – what do you prefer? We offer you latest trends, prints, patterns and always top quality! Sports leggings are activewear classics. Everyone should have at least one pair of them in the wardrobe regardless of whether or not they regularly do sports. But if you are a big fan of physical activity, it is a must have among your other fitness outfits. You can choose between models with long, medium or short legs. The leggings you find on Brazilian Bikini Shop website are made of special elastic materials that are light, allow the skin to breathe, do not limit the movements and do not squeeze the body. They are perfect for the gym, cycling, running, yoga and pilates. Sports leggings will also work well while traveling, on a mountain trip or just for a walk. There are countless ways to use them! In addition to being very practical they are also beautiful - they have a variety of colors, patterns and stamping. You can be sure that our collection is always trendy!

Fitness skirt

Do you love zumba, fitness, tennis or any other sport and want to feel feminine at the same time? Choose one of our fitness skirts! Professional and super trendy sporty skirts from South American brands only on Brazilian Bikini Shop! If you love sports, you are an active kind of person and what is more you like to feel feminine – we have a perfect solution – fitness skirt! It is a great idea when you go for a dance practice, zumba class, tennis, volleyball or even gym. Who said that you should practice sports only in shorts or leggings? Fitness skirts have their own place in the sports fashion world. They are comfortable and do not limit your movements while physical activity. Fitness skirts match perfectly with sports shoes and tops. Many brands producing activewear have also sporty skirts in their collections. Buying on our website you may be sure that your purchase will serve you for a long time. Why? The products we offer are of a great quality, made of special and professional materials that are light, let your skin breathe and dry fast. What is more they are elastic and the colors stay vibrant for a long time.

Gym shorts

Gym shorts – essential part of fitness outfits! Here you will find the best quality and latest trends – discover your favorite color and pattern and enjoy the gym! Gym shorts are an essential part of the wardrobe of people who love active lifestyle. They are perfect for warm days and gym classes. You can go jogging, cycling or simply take a walk. The gym shorts we have in offer are made from specialized fabrics designed for physical activity. These materials are thin and allow the skin to breathe. Fabrics and cuts do not limit movements during fitness exercises or other activities. They are very comfortable - they usually have a twine that allows easy adjustment of waist width or an elastic waist. The gym shorts that you find on the Brazilian Bikini Shop website are of the highest quality and reflect the latest trends in sportswear fashion, both in terms of colors and patterns. Take a look at our offer and choose your dream model!

Gym tops

Need a gym top? Check our offer – the most trendy pieces on one website! Purchasing on Brazilian Bikini Shop you may be sure that you are buying top quality and bests cuts! Sportswear is beautiful and colorful today. Take advantage of it during every workout. At the Brazilian Bikini Shop website you will find a collection of sportswear, including a wide variety of tops that will be very useful during gym exercises, yoga classes or jogging. The sportswear that we offer you are from manufacturers are concerned with changing trends and preferences as well as with a group of conscious customers, especially women, for whom the quality of the material and the cut are the most important aspects. All the tops in our collection are made of special light materials that allow the skin to breathe and provide freedom of movements. Every sport is different and has different requirements, so it is very important to choose the right clothing for specific activities. A trendy gym top for a person who likes to spend time actively is essential for their comfort. It also makes you feel more professional and motivates. A gym top is must have in the wardrobe of any sport lover.

Sports bras

Perfect combination of sporty comfort with latest trends in fashion! Our sports bras will ensure you maximum support and will make you look wonderful at the same time. Discover our beautifully designed models! Being in good shape and having an attractive athletic silhouette is not only a temporary fashion, but also it is the basics of health and wellbeing. Nowadays, sports is something that many women practice almost every day. Workouts and physical exercises require special clothing, and one of the most important elements of a sports wardrobe is a well fitted bra that will provide comfort and care while exercising. The bra should be adjusted to support our body during physical exercise. How to choose the right bra and why it is important that it was specially designed for the sport? The straps should be soft and wide so that they do not press the shoulders and squeeze the chest. Sports bra should also be sufficiently fitted to the body to provide the bust with adequate support. It shall also ensure freedom of movements. Every woman who takes training and physical activity seriously is aware that a sports bra is not only a fashionable gadget, but an important ally in the exercise while exercising.

Activewear & Workout Clothes for women

Maintain your body to be stunning in your Brazilian swimsuit with our 100% Brazil collection of fashionable fitness wear!If you like going to the gym, swimming pool or simply enjoy an outdoor workout, you need to check out our collection of sportswear. Our extremely wide range of activewear mainly by South American designers is created for women who love exercising and thus love their bodies. In South America there is a strong cult of ideal body and perfect appearance, so sport practicing is very important. Besides, healthy body means healthy spirit! Sport is a very important element of life so why not look great while training? In our sports collection you will find among others beautiful leggings in various colors and patterns, sports bras, which you can perfectly fit, sporty tops, shorts, sweatshirts and many others. You can create your own unique set for yoga, pilates, cardio, or other classes. You can also enjoy outdoor sports - just a few moments and you'll look perfect in any situation.

Find the latest trends in Activewear

On our website you will find the latest trends in fashion, trendy colors, patterns and cuts. We have a wide range of sizes, from XS to XL. As for the fitness bottoms we have short, medium and long leggings and shorts. You will find them in different colors and in crazy designs - you will surely find something for yourself. When it comes to fitness tops, bras can be stiffened, padded or not stiffened at all. Each of them perfectly supports the bust - you just have to find your favorite model. As special outfits we have sports dresses and skirts - you can practice tennis. We also have sports sets, i.e. top and bottom, that match both in color and design. Certainly our collection of activewear will make you look not only great but also feel comfortable with top quality cuts, fabrics and finishing.

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At Brazilian Bikini Shop website you will find a wide range of high quality sportswear by South American designers. Taking care of body and mind is not just a fashion, it is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Our outfits will make your days at the gym fun and you will stand out from the crowd. If sport is your passion you can add some fashion! Choose from our trendy leggings, perfectly fitted bras, slacks and t-shirts created for those who love an active lifestyle. Now on training, yoga or step classes you'll look perfect and feel even better with pieces from our sportswear offer that stands out in design, cut and quality! Our clothes emphasize the feminine figure while enhancing the comfort of training, check out our latest collection!

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Dreaming of a round and curved bottom like that of Brazilians?Of walking along the beach with a slender and toned body? In preparation for the summer or to maintain an attractive silhouette, discover our 100% Brazil collection of fitness products to practice sports in the ultimate comfort with a fashionable and original look. You will find here a selection of clothing and accessories from specialised, CCM recognised Brazilian brands, to make you look your best with a unique style, while ensuring your well-being.

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