High neck swimwear

You are not a fan of plunge neck but you love spending time at the beach? Check out our collection of trendy high neck swimwear. Fashionable prints, great fabrics and perfect cuts – all of these you will find on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

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Who is the high neck swimwear for?

A well-fitted swimsuit for summer is crucial for any woman in order to boost their self-confidence at the beach. However, finding one is usually a big challenge! Especially for women with generous cleavage know how important it is to feel carefree and comfortable, to ensure a proper support and avoid any peekaboo accidental situations. The high neck swimwear seems to be a modern and cute solution for this type of concerns! We can feel great, look sexy and at the same time stay covered and not be hindered by our breasts. This model is very trendy nowadays and many girls feel thankful for this fashion flow. This cut is perfect for women with bigger breasts but it fits as well any other size of the chest. If it is comfortable for everyone, offers a nice and trendy coverage, support and gives a lot of space for patterns and accessories ideas.

The high neck concept

The concept of such a neckline is not new, but for decades it has been pushed to the realm of fitness and sports in general. In the swimwear fashion it was used by swimmers, surfers and other amateur and professional sportswomen. Who would like to be worried if the top stays right where it should and ensures a reliable cover while riding wild waves? Nowadays, the high fashion world seems to remember about all the good features of this cut and re-introduced it into the everyday beachwear collections.

All the reasons to fall in love in high neck swimwear

It gives space for the creativity of designers to introduce outstanding patterns, laces or other accessories that would not be possible to present on a different neckline. It also ensures more sun protection and keeps your cleavage safe from harmful and strong solar radiation. The skin on the décolletage is very sensitive and easily gets sunburnt. This neckline ensures that your skin is safe and will look younger for a long time. This cut is perfect for women who prefer more covered style and don’t like to show off at the beach. It ensures more freedom, more comfort and a modest look. Depending of course on the model you choose. If you want something totally opposite because you like to attract attention, for sure there will be something for you among our high neck models. You can still stay covered and be chic and sexy. Some swimsuit models have subtle and not-so-subtle cut-outs below.

The trendy bathing suit

The good news is that this kind of swimwear exists in every possible color and pattern! You can choose from white to black, through colorful and plain ones, to floral and tropical prints. Of course, this is not all. We have many others! The high neck cut is also great for the swimming pool. We have a wide range of sports and swimming gear, so don’t forget to check it out! Coming back to the beach… High neck doesn’t mean lack of sex appeal or flirtatious vibe! There are many models with cut-outs on the waist area, which only highlight feminine curves. There are also swimsuits with openwork, that play a double role: cover and uncover at the same time! Check out these models for example from Despi. This brand has many crochet bathing suits in its latest collection. If you like to accentuate your femininity try a monokini. It looks amazing and flatters women’s body like no other cut. It accentuates your bum and top while making the waist look even smaller. Remember: monokinis are recommended for ladies in a good shape. If your body type is different than an hourglass, pear or rectangle, try other models. For apple shaped girls we have nice models with slimming patterns on the belly area and for full hourglass (so-called “8”) shaped women we advise classic high necks in moderate shades. Check out our gorgeous high neck bathing suits and choose the perfect one for yourself!

Now time has come for high neck swimwear

Woman is flighty – it is obvious since ever. It is one of the characteristics of almost each of us, so why not to cherish it? You have already in your summer collection plunge neck swimwear, high leg pieces, crop tops… now time has come for high neck swimwear! It has many advantages apart of the fact of being trendy. First of all they protect the delicate skin of your cleavage from the strong sun. Another thing is that they hold a big bust pretty well while at the same time they highlight the upper part of our body which is an advantage while having smaller bust. It harmonizes the body and the silhouette. Having this on mind we can recommend this kind of swimwear for almost all women. On our website you will find a wide collection of high neck swimwear, check it out and find a model for yourself. Our swimwear, apart of being designed according to the latest fashion trends, are of a great quality and will serve you for years!

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