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Even little girls know that swimwear should not just be girl swimwear. It' a statement of their personality and sense of fashion. At, we carry an extensive line of girl swimwear, featuring cheerful designs they will love when they are out in the pool, at the beach or in your backyard. Our featured girl swimwear outfits showcase geometric designs, animal prints or multicolor modern graphics on premium fabric with Lycra. These one- or two-piece girl swimwear are lined, and some padding is used on the tops. A touch of fringe here, a dainty tie back there and subtle design features create stylish yet playful girl swimwear outfits to make your little princess proud.

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Two-piece swimsuits for girls

Little princess on the beach? Only in Brazilian Bikini Shop two-piece swimsuits! Great variety of colors and trendy prints plus the best quality and finest fabrics! Each little girl wants to look like her mom on the beach while teenage girls follow supermodels. So how to have that look while summer holidays? Get one of two-piece swimsuits for girls from Brazilian Bikini Shop! We provide great quality fabrics, mostly from South American brands and perfect finishing. These important characteristics will ensure comfort for girls and will last for sure more than one season! Girls can chose between different cuts and amazing colors. As well as for women we provide two-piece swimsuits for girls that reflect newest beachwear trends and tendencies in kids fashion. Now girls also have a choice between triangle tops, crop tops, bandeau and many other options. Our fabrics last long seasons, the vivid colors do not bleach and swimwear stay not transparent even after getting wet. They also dry fast, so that girl can enjoy comfort and have fun spending active days on the beach!

One-piece swimsuits for girls

Beautiful collection of one-piece swimsuits for girls! Top Brazilian brands, highest quality, fine fabrics and amazing prints that every girl will love! One-piece swimwear for girls is a perfect solution for every little princess at the beach. They are perfectly comfortable and allow girls to feel good and comfy while beach craziness. Swimming, running, playing games – everything comes easy in one-piece swimsuits for girls that you can get on Brazilian Bikini Shop! Our website provides great choice of cuts, colors and patterns. Rio de Sol and other South American brands know how to make swimsuits both: comfortable and pretty! Every girl will find prints and colors that she loves so that she can enjoy a day full of activity by the sea, ocean or poolside! Pretty cuts and lovely prints will make her look like a little princess and one-piece cut ensures freedom and confidence. It is enough to add a beach skirt or shorts to leave the beach and walk on a seaside promenade or grab something to eat. Check it out!

Bikini girls

When you're looking for the most colorful girl swimwear on the market with the coolest designs, you'll definitely want to check out these pretty swimsuits. Girl swimwear should be both fun and functional.

Girls Swimwear Guide:

As you peruse the vast selection for a little girl bikini or teen girls swimwear, you will need to know what you are hoping to buy. To sort through the swimwear options for your next pool visit or summer holiday, here are a few questions to remember.

What Age Is the Child?

As you set out to buy a new suit, think about the age of the child. In many cases, the options are different for a 4 year old compared to a 12 year old. This has to do with the needs of children at different ages. For example, a bikini girls for a 6 year old will be fitted distinctly. Comparatively, a 16 year old girl bikini will have a more traditional fit. Due to the fitted nature of girl bikini swimwear, proper sizing is extremely important. Therefore, you should also know the approximate size. You may be shopping for an 8 year old, but the child may be better suited for a 9 year old swimsuit.

What Style Options Are Available for 8-12 year old swimsuit?

Whether you are shopping for an 8 year old swimsuit or an 11 year old bikini, your venture is about more than size. You will also want to consider style. What are the child's preferences? Some 10 year olds like a dainty, feminine suit. Other 12 year old girls like to be covered up more while they are out in public. If the child has fair skin, you may want something that offers a bit more coverage like a rash guard. The options include traditional bikinis, one-pieces, skirts, long-sleeve shirts and more.

What Choices for Color and Pattern Are There?

With so many colorful and distinctive options, you can shop in accordance with the child's personality. Consider matching the suit color to the skin tone of the child. Lighter skin tones tend to pair well with darker suits. However, some colors like red are good for a wide range of skin tones. This makes a red bikini girl suit a truly excellent choice. Some little girls swimsuits are very playful in their design. Other bathing suits for 12 year olds may look more like traditional pieces you see out on the sand. As you shop for bikini girls, you will notice that some styles are more expensive than others. You can find a sale by shopping for last year's styles.

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