Bardot & off the shoulder swimwear

This summer the Bardot neckline is a clear leader in the latest trends, one that you' find in innumerable different styles and one that can be worn without moderation! Light ethereal summer dresses, just that little touch of Bohemia, embroidered off-the-shoulder tops and, above all, the swimsuit!

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Bardot bikini, your favorite swimwear style?

Are you a romantic or rather a modern minimalist type of girl? Maybe you like to change your looks depending on your mood and your bathing suits selection for this summer is made of tops and bottoms in many styles? We have something that is a must-have for a romantic and super flirtatious kind of mood. What is it? It’s a Bardot bikini!

Bardot bikini - What makes it so different from all other styles?

It’s the top part! The Bardot neckline owns the name to the blonde bombshell – the French actress Brigitte Bardot, who is the precursor of the style. Cherished for her curves and sex appeal, the actress was not only famous because of her looks and acting skills, but also for her unstoppable fight for animal rights. She brought a lot of good to this world and she made St. Tropez an important spot on the fashion map. She gave us the unique neckline cut and made bikinis a summer must-have in every fashionable lady's wardrobe! So, when you decide on the beach outfit for your next holidays why not to take inspiration from the famous BB? A Bardot top is very sophisticated, seductive and fun. Its most important characteristics are off-the-shoulder sleeves that create an elegant and sweeping cleavage... You will recognize any Bardot top by its distinctive neckline, but below that, anything goes!

Off the shoulder swimwear, for what body type?

This kind of a cut is perfect if you are a pear type (or in other words “A” letter-shaped). It means that your lower parts are wider and heavier than the top parts. Your thighs, hips and bum are wider than the shoulders. To add harmony to your figure it is good to highlight the top part. An off-shoulder top will be perfect for that! To draw even more attention to your chest you may find a Bardot bikini top in an eye-catching color or pattern. Flowers, polka dot, geometric prints – it will all work to your advantage. Add some flounces and frills if you want to add volume to your top part. Remember: a push-up is a great solution if you want to accentuate and give a boost to your chest! When you want to draw attention to the top, remember that the bottom should be modest and in calm tones. The best would be a fixed briefs in one color only (preferably in a darker shade). If you are a lucky hourglass-shaped woman (in other words the “X” letter shaped), which means your top is more or less of the same width as the bottom and your waist is beautifully visible, this style will be perfect for you. It will only highlight your outstanding feminine figure. Don’t forget to balance an off-shoulder top with a proper bottom as we do not want to introduce imbalance in your body. So if you choose an eye-catching top, choose a bottom in the same style, if you go for one color only - apply it to the bikini set. If you decide to wear some flirtatious frills on the top – do it! A scrunch bottom with wavy edges will be like the cherry on the cake. Finally, this trend is also advisable for a rectangle shaped bodies. To add some feminine curves go for a top with this awesome neckline and a bottom - both decorated with girly frills and flounces. This will add volume to your lower and upper parts making your figure more curvy. If your shoulders are wider than your hips and you are an athletic woman (and inverted triangle or the letter “V” shaped), we do not advise going for off-shoulder tops. They may only make your shoulders look wider and this is what we want to avoid. Check out our body type guide to find a perfect bikini for your silhouette. Remember: off the shoulder Bardot bikini will bring out and emphasize your femininity, so check out our newest hot pieces for your next holidays!

Fall for the "Bardot neckline" bikini trend!

Whether you prefer a sport style cropped top of off-shoulder bandeau with ruffles, you'll find them al in our e-shop! Amaze your friends on the beach with a superb off-shoulder bikini that will show off your shoulders with perfectly sublime sensuality. Play with prints and different shapes for added freshness and to make your own personal statement. The decidedly romantic might opt for a gorgeous floral bandeau top, with or without little sleeves or frills; the dedicated fashion enthusiasts may prefer a more retro-style Bardot neckline or those styles with embroidery and lace. More of a sportswoman? You’ll find the ideal choice in our wide range of off-the-shoulder crop tops, again with or without sleeves. And if you prefer a one-piece you’ll be spoilt for choice with our original and refined range. For those who want to be totally unique what could be better than our models from the Fashion Week catwalks, available in very limited quantities!

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