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If you want to look trendy and fashion-forward anytime anywhere, printed swimsuits are the way to go - animal print swimwear, tropical print bikini, stripes, exotic florals, and ethnic patterns are some of the hottest trends of the summer. Slip into a stylish printed bikini and watch heads turn! Our online boutique offers a large selection of Brazilian bikinis and printed swimsuits featuring modern, fun, and luxurious patterns. A sure-fire way to amp up your glam factor is with ultra-alluring leopard print. Another way to draw attention and enhance your figure is with bold and original geometric patterns. You can' decide between the two? Our fun reversible models let you change up your look in a flash.

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Polka Dot bikini

Polka dot craziness in our swimwear collection! Most trendy and feminine pattern ever rules on the beaches of the whole world. From pin-up style to most modern cuts Everything begun with a dance called Polka that came from Czehoslovakia and European dotted dresses. They both surged at the same time and became extremely fashionable. What is more, polka music clubs used to encourage their members to wear dotted outfits. This is how dots started to be associated with the dance and they started to be called in many languages “polka dots”. This is how polka dot pattern reached fashion and even in the first half of XX century style of Miss America 1926 and even Winston Churchill’s bow-tie! Minnie Mouse and Eleonore Roosevelt also wore polka dot dresses! The era of pin ups started in 1950’ and polka dot pattern was almost its trade mark: extremely feminine, maybe a little bit innocent and naïve and of course very seductive. 1960, the cover of the single Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, with a polka dot bikini on a yellow background. On Brazilian Bikini Shop you will find lots of polka dot patterns on all kind of swimwear. Choose your favorite color combination!

Ethnic print swimwear

Are you a fan of ethnic style? If so, we have a great news – on Brazilian Bikini Shop you will find a huge range of ethnic print bikini in all shape and sizes! Ethnic print is one of the top choice of many designers and brands. This trend is strongly visible and promoted in media as well as very well seen on fashion shows. Now it is high time to make it visible on the beaches of the world! In South America ethnic style is very popular, both women and men like to feel close to the nature and this tendency is reflected in the outfits as well as in beachwear fashion. Many brands such as Rio de Sol, Salinas, Mar Rio, Maryssil, New Beach and many others have ethnic prints in their collections. Bikinis and one piece swimsuits as well as single pieces such as tops or bottoms combine well with plain colors. Ethnic style swimsuit you may combine with shorts, t-shirts, skirts – you will have a fresh and summer look! Try one of our proposals – we guarantee highest quality and top trends!

Striped print swimwear

There is no summer without stripes! This season stripes in swimwear are going much beyond sailing style – they are taking us for a colorful, joyful and exotic trip to South America! South American countries such as Brazil or Colombia are full of life, colors and joy! Now striped patterns in beachwear reflect this South American “joie de vivre”. Colorful explosion of stripes has been a very hot inspiration in the beachwear fashion apart of classic - sailor style colors. Stripes on the beach are super trendy and by mixing and matching tops with bottoms you may get a hot piece of your own unique swimwear! Now stripes come in every color you can imagine and take us on a faraway journey to sunny and tropical beaches. Any color combination you can think of is allowed. What is more, now stripes match and combine well with other patterns e.g. floral or tropical. You will find stripes on all kind of swimwear for women, man and kids. They also come in all sizes: from petite to plus size. Vertical or horizontal, calm or flashy – all depends on your taste and preferences. Come and get some stripes on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

Tropical print bikini

Who doesn’t love tropical prints? They bring summer, ocean and the beach on our minds! Tropical prints swimwear equals perfection! Thinking about tropics… what come on your mind? Ocean, beach, sun and beautiful nature… maybe bother ideas? Tropical print bikini are an essence of summer. That’s why they combine so perfectly with all type of swimwear. They usually come in green or blue colors, sometimes have floral or oceanic pattern, however there are no limits! On Brazilian Bikini Shop you will find a huge offer of tropical print swimsuit. Starting with bikini, single mix and match pieces of top or bottom, one-piece swimwear and much more! Tropical pattern have always been trendy and created for summer fashion. All beachwear brands have tropical prints in their offer, this is why the choice is huge. You will find this pattern in petite size, standard models as well as plus size. The pattern is perfect for women, men and kids, no exceptions! Tropical prints and top quality – we guarantee this combination!

Animal prints, stripes, geometric or tropical patterns... give in to your whims with our large selection of figure-flattering Brazilian bikinis.

Floral print swimwear

Floral patterns are always top! See the most trendy and hot floral prints from our newest collection! Flower power in the modern edition! Do you enjoy flower patterns? They match beautifully with plain colors and summer vibes. Each season there are many bikini models coming out in floral prints, check what we have for you now. Purchasing a flower print bikini you can easily mix and match it with plain tops or bottoms. Even a tiny floral element brings life and joy to your summer outfit. Flowers on our collection come in folk, modern or classic style. Some bikinis are totally covered with floral print, other have just tiny floral elements. Anyway, if you enjoy this style you should definitely take a look and choose a model for yourself. You can choose from many cuts: crop top, scrunch, racer back, push-ups, side-tied, fixed, classics.. the choice is huge and it’s all yours! No matter the model you choose you may be sure that you have done a top quality purchase that will last for many seasons!

Tie-dye swimwear

Tie-dye pattern is back! Come and check out our collection of new and trendy tie-die swimwear from famous beachwear brands! Bikinis, one piece swimsuits and summer clothes – all in tie-dye! Tie-dye is a very trendy pattern recently and it is back and not only for summer holidays! Since the days of the famous Woodstock festival in 1969, it still continues to be the expression of so called hippie chic style and freedom, of escape from reality and relax. This is what trend-setters like! The process of creating the tie-dye pattern usually includes folding, twisting, pleating and crumpling fabrics and materials and binding them with string or rubber bands, followed by application of more colors (dies). These manipulations of the fabric partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring some parts of the fabric. Tie-dye is definitely a must have for every fashion loving girl! A number of Brazilian and other South American brands have chosen this colorful, eye-catching swirls patterns of the print for the new season. Click through our collection for a selection of tie-dyed swimwear available now!

Neoprene bikini

Neoprene was made for summer! Check out of offer of super trendy hot pieces made from this special material: bikinis, hot pants, one-pieces swimsuits and much more! More traditional fabrics are also waiting just for you! Salt Sun & Bikinis is a Brazilian beachwear fashion brand which uses neoprene as its main swimwear material. Since almost 100 years this fabric has been used for clothes that served people who had water related occupations (e.g. fishermen) or were professionally practicing water sports (e.g. swimmers). Today the material is taken to another level – it reached the fashion world and catwalks. It is made from a rubber derivative. Neoprene has many advantages. First of all it shapes the body as it is thicker, denser and more structured than for example lycra. Feminine shapes are flattered in neoprene swimsuits! It dries very quickly, so that its assures comfort to its user! It does not crease and is more durable than other typical swimwear materials and fabrics – you can easily fold it and take everywhere and be sure it will serve you well for several seasons! Last but not least… neoprene swimsuits are very trendy! Salt Sun & Bikinis’ Beach Culture concept is a perfect choice and great solution if you want to look fashionable and attractive at the beach! Neoprene molding process of the brand’s swimwear makes their bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and hot pants unique. Check out what Salt Sun & Bikini has for you these season.. Oh and remember: if you prefer traditional fabrics of swimwear and beachwear – no problem. The brand prepares more traditional collection as well!

Reversible print swimwear

Cannot decide which color of bikini to pick? Why don’t you take many in one! Buy one of our reversible bikini models and you will have up to 4 combinations to choose with just one purchase! Is it difficult for you sometimes to choose a color or pattern? You like both prints at the same time but you don’t want to buy two bikinis? We have a perfect solution for such troubles – reversible swimwear! In our offer you will find bikinis and one-piece swimsuits which you can wear on whatever side you want. Depending on your mood you can mix and match top and bottom of the bikini which gives you up to 4 options. So have fun and try something new! Reversible swimwear is offered by many South-American brands. Buying any model you may be sure that your purchase is of a great quality and you will enjoy many seasons. The fabrics are of the highest quality, the do not bleach on the sun, are easy to wash and dry fast. From now on you don’t have to choose between your dream models – choose 2 in 1!

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