Push-up bikini

With built-in or removable pads - great push up swimsuit effect guaranteed! Whatever nature may have endowed you with, discover all our women’s push up swimsuits in the Brazilian Bikini Shop in all the colors you can imagine! Rise and shine in the sun in style with a sexy push up bathing suit. The top is specially designed to lift and enhance the bust. There is no need to spend money on cosmetic procedures to look hot this summer. The push up swimwear top flatters women with a small or large bust. Create more cleavage and shape to flatter your beach body. The pieces come in a variety of styles and colors to meet every customer fashion needs. When you see how flattering the push up bikini top is and receive compliments on it, come back and pick a few more colors to expand your wardrobe! We offer only the highest quality garments.

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Super sexy look with push up bikini tops

With first sun rays, we start to wonder what sort of a bikini set or a bathing suit we should get this summer. A push up bikini set is perfect to help create a beautiful cleavage and highlight feminine curves in a discreet way. Colorful, glamour, sexy and super feminine padded swimsuits for small bust – there is plenty of good reasons to get one!

Push up swimsuit – a great ally to give some volume to a small chest

To cherish your shapes and add some volume to your chest, there is nothing better than a push up swim top. This kind of a bikini or swimsuit top will let you get up to two sizes more in an instant! It consists mostly of silicone or fabric pads. Push up bikini tops serve to lift the breasts and give them an optically firmer and more generous look. This sort of swimwear is good for women with rather small chests, size A or B. If your cleavage is generous enough, you can go for an underwire bikini top without padding to benefit from the support and shaping effect provided by this kind of a model.

Push up one-piece or bikini?

For a small breast, the best solution is a push up bathing suit. Like this, you can choose both a bottom and top according to your body type. After all, the small chest doesn’t always mean a skinny figure and size XS. Choosing two-piece swimwear you can play with sizes and cuts to find a perfect bikini for yourself. To ensure a maximum comfort cleavage, choose wider straps. Bikini top should be a mixture between your style and your needs. If you want to look sexier you can choose a Brazilian bottom or even a string model. If you like for example pin up style, choose a high-waist bottom! If you need more coverage, opt for a crop top.

Styles and colors of a push up bikini tops

It can be a triangle, balconette, bandeau and much more (even a crop top!) – there is plenty of models in trendy colors that exist in a push up edition. If you have trouble with your small chest, you can turn to an underwired balconette bra, for an instant push up effect and a plunging neckline is guaranteed! Always trendy and sexy a push up triangle top is resolutely a must for small breasts. If padded, it offers extra curves to the chest. Customer satisfaction guaranteed! And for even more spectacular rise effect – choose a model with double or maxi push up! It will go well in a set of a high waist bikini.

Plain colors or printed?

If you want to attract attention and make your chest look a bit bigger you can choose a push up top with some details that add volume. Frills, fringe, flounces give an extra feminine vibe to push up bathing suits. You will finally find the volume you are looking for. The same is relevant to beach clothing. Golden rule: always do things in accordance with yourself and your personality. Prints are always trendy. Shimmering or flashy colors, stars, exotic patterns solid colors blocks and fantasy prints that you can find on different models are there to allow each woman to find her own style and the corresponding pattern. If you dream about a seductive cleavage at the beach discover our wide collection of push up swimwear. Add some summer accessories, of our dresses. Take a quick view of our clothing collection, shoes and free shipping orders conditions.

Triangle padded push up bikinis

Triangle push up bikini is a must have this summer! Our collection is full of outstanding, hot and trendy push up bra swimsuits from the most reliable and recognized South American brands and designers in solid colors or patterns. Became of the beach stars! Triangle push up bikinis are both classy and sexy at the same time! Triangle swimwear tops appeared a long time ago when the first two-piece bathing suit was created and shown to the public in 1946. A little bit later push up bras were launched in the feminine lingerie and it was a great quick success. Now you have it all combined into one! A beautiful push up triangle bikini is very functional but also serves as a confidence booster! Why? Try one of your models and you will fall in love with it. Your cleavage will be awesomely enhanced, bust beautifully shaped and your silhouette will gain fine proportions. You will feel attractive and self-confident! Our models come in many sizes, colors and patterns. You may choose between floral, stars, tropical, animal, geometric prints and solid colors blocks. All the fabrics are of amazing quality, they do not stay transparent even after a quick swim or surf, they dry fast providing you with comfort and freedom. Add to your outfit some trendy clothing piece, a nice pair of flip-flops or other summer shoes and reach for the stars!

Bandeau push up bathing suits

Natural look and a sexy vibe? Bandeau push up swimsuits will make the job! Choose one of our beautiful models and feel like a star at the beach! The newest cuts and hot patterns will make you feel super attractive and self-confident! Adjustable laces help to hold your breasts in place, while a strapless push bra ensures even tan! Have you already found the ideal bikini top for you? With the huge variety of Brazilian Bikini Shop, you are just about to find the perfect one for you! South American designers have thought about every woman, designing swimwear with the trendiest patterns and cuts that fully enhance and embrace every woman’s body shape. If you don't have a particularly full cleavage, one of the best choices is a bandeau push up swimsuit. It is a combination of a natural look of a bandeau (literally meaning: a band) and a push up that beautifully shapes the feminine cleavage. Your breasts will get good support and some sexy boost! So if you like to fell careless, natural and attractive at the same time bandeau push up swimsuits are the right choice. Accessories, tropical patterns and exotic, animal, floral or ethnic prints will win you over and make you one of the stars on the beach even when having a nap under your parasol! Take a quick view of our accessories and dresses collection. If you like to swim, plunge and surf take a quick look at our crop tops.

Push up one-piece swimsuits

One piece swimsuit with push up bra are perfect if you love to swim, plunge and surf. Usually, a crop top is the right model for sports but… The one-piece push up swimsuit keeps things covered while revealing a flattering cleavage and the classic bust lift. One of our customer favorites: the one-piece push up swimsuits come in many trendy cuts as the designers put a lot of effort and focus in order to highlight beautifully feminine silhouette. Look classically and beautiful in a one-piece push up swimwear from Brazilian Bikini Shop! Shopping for amazing push up swimwear that is available in many different styles such as vintage, sports, off the shoulder and lots more. Order in our online store today and try on pieces without the hassle of pushy salespeople and skip the lines. Each of our push up one-pieces is made with the amazing quality fabric and which instantly enhances your curves. You're going to love the suit you're in. All the solid colors and patterns you can imagine are available so that we make sure our offer meets and satisfies your needs. Top quality makes our swimwear durable and worth buying as it will last for a few good years! Add some summer shoes, one of our lace waist tied dresses. Flatter your cleavage and enhance feminine curves in one-piece push up swimsuits from Brazilian Bikini Shop! Hot designs, trendy cuts and enormous choice of colors and patterns! You will love the suit you're in! Swim, surf and plunge and reach for the stars no matter your chest size.


Red push up swimwear

What can be hotter than a red push up swimwear? It is one of the sexiest solids! If you want to look sexy and beautifully emphasize your cleavage try one of our awesome red extreme push up swimwear models! Red push up swimwear combines two elements that make you look hot and feminine wherever you go. Red is a very eye-catching and very sexy color and push up will make you look great! Flatter you cleavage choosing one of our red push up swimwear and feel your power! This type of bras are perfect for small and medium breasts, it gives them beautiful shape and great support. This sort of swimwear is perfect for a poolside, holiday resort or simply to go to the beach. If push up is what you like you must check out our offer! Our red proposals are not only beautiful but also: trendy, reflect the latest trends in beach fashion, perfectly finished and made of great quality fabrics. You may use it for many seasons because the color will stay vivid even if you spend many hours on the sun and take bath in salty water. Important: it stays not transparent even after getting wet.

White push up swimwear

Bras, including bikini bras, have been associated with freedom and functionality. Push up bikini tops not only serve a practical purpose of support but also assure aesthetic benefits. This is why push up bikinis and bathing suits have become much beloved by women all over the world. White is one of our favorite solids. White push up bikinis and bathing suits give beautiful shape to your breasts and ensure good support. You will look amazing and feminine on the beach. What is more, white color will combine great with your summer tan. If you put it under a transparent beach cover up or kaftan for sure you will attract many glances. Push up bras are perfect to rise small and medium size breasts. Adds self-confidence and makes you feel even more proud of your body! Enjoy this model and skip other ones. Check out our wide collection of white push up swimwear and beach clothing from top brands. Be sure that even if you swim, surf or plunge our white fabrics stay not transparent so that you can feel carefree and secure of the beach and enjoy water as much as you want!

Black push up swimwear

Check out our offer and find your dream black push up swimwear. A wide offer, top brands, high-quality materials. Always up-to-date, always following hot fashion trends! Combine it with one of our waist tie dresses in fashionable solid colors and beach accessories. If you love solids, you probably cannot get away without a black push up bra swimsuits. In our online store, you will find a lot of black push up swimwear in all shape and sizes and skip the line! Black is one of these colors that match perfectly with any other piece of swimwear or summer outfit. Push up will highlight beautifully your cleavage and make you feel attractive and confident on any beach. Black push up swimwear top will look great with any other bottom, no matter the color or cut. Choose one of our best push up bikinis models and enjoy summer! All our push up bathing suit tops and clothing is of the top quality from well-known South American brands. The fabrics stay non-transparent even after contact with water and colors stay vivid for many seasons. Sign up to our newsletter; take a quick look at our promotions. You may be sure that your purchase will make you a happy customer. Check our free shipping orders conditions, sort price high low or price low high and skip the unnecessary. See our privacy policy, customer rights and be sure that your shopping is safe with us. In the frequently asked questions section, you will find the answers for most of your doubts.

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