For feminine style with an edge, browse the Despi Filios collection. This is your one-stop shop for all your swimwear and accessories. In our Despi selection, you' find: Bathing suits for women of all body types. One-pieces, bikinis, cut-out suits and openwork. A variety of textures, from ruffles to eyelet. Stripes, solids, animal prints and abstract patterns. A full spectrum of colors. Cute cover ups and robes to go along with your favorite new bathing suit! Whether you' packing for a romantic trip to the Bahamas or just want to look cute while by the pool, Despi offers high-end style that can' be beat.

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Despi Swimwear is created by brazilian designer Despina Filios and is made in her hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Despi is quickly becoming a worldwide favorite in the designer swimwear and beachwear industry. Despi is a brand known for luxuriously soft fabrics, quality and designer style. One-piece swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups are all part of the fashion collection at Despi. Above all, Despi Swimwear is known for being playful and sexy, while exuding nothing less than sheer sophistication. This essence encompasses every designer swimwear collection by Despi, and is then passed down to the fashion-forward customer who knows what she wants in life. Despi Swimwear has a look that’s feminine and gorgeous, classic and refined. Subtly beautiful details like delicate elaborate beading enhance the classic look of Despi swimsuits, and the result is a dreamy goddess-like appearance. The fabrics and textures are always sensually soft, and the designs are carefully constructed so customers are able achieve that perfect-fit. With Despi Swimwear, you’ll shine in subtle sophistication, and with just one glance, your stunning appearance will leave them breathless.

Despi Filios is a fashion designer and entrepreneur who is most famous for the line of swimwear that bears her name. Although her father is Greek and her mother is Spanish and German, Despi was born in Argentina and raised in Manchester, England. Growing up, she longed to return to the country of her birth, and after high school, Despi was accepted into a prominent university in Rio de Janeiro. After graduating with a degree in economics, the young entrepreneur decided to follow her heart, and she went back to school to study fashion design. Despi had been designing various types of clothing since 1987, but her talent in this field was only used for the creation of mass-produced garments destined for the racks of Brazil’s chain department stores. After graduating from design school, she felt the time was ripe to start a business of her own. In 2002, Despi launched her first collection of glamorous swimwear, which marked the beginning of an illustrious career that has continued for over a decade. Five years after she started her business, Despi decided that she had earned enough respect from her peers and the public to begin branding her swimwear under her first name. Despi bikinis became popular nearly overnight and can now be regularly spotted in top fashion magazines, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions and Victoria’s Secret catalogs. The Despi label can now be found in boutiques and high-end department stores around the world. Despi’s excellence has been officially recognized in the Rio Fashion Week design contest, and her designs are noted for their multicultural appeal. Despi swimwear is sexy and comfortable, and the women who wear Despi bikinis say that they make them feel exotic and playful. The style is influenced heavily by both Brazilian and Greek culture, and the pieces make use of rich, deep colors, such as purple, blue, green, red, gold and brown.

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