Balconette bikini

A balconette bikini has unique features that make it an appealing and versatile choice for beachwear. A balconette bikini has less coverage than a full cup, but it also provides superior support. This is because a balconette bikini is supported from below and often uses underwire for structure. This support gives a underwide bikini an enhanced shape, which is attractive on any body type. Since most of these bikinis feature underwire, they provide a lift that looks effortlessly natural. The balconette structure can be used with many styles, which means there are plenty of design options to consider. Overall, the balconette bikini is a great choice for your summer beachwear.

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Balconette bikini top - one of the sexiest swimwear models

A balconette bikini top may sound like a puzzle for many of us. So let’s dig a bit and see what it actually is. It originates from the lingerie and is not as weird and complicated as it sounds. What is more, it is quite sexy! Longline, tankini, balconette swim top, push up balconette bikini, balconette bathing suit and much more – the choice is yours.And below you will find some extra information on the balconette swimwear!

What is a balconette bikini top?

As the name suggests it serves as a “balcony” to your breasts, cups them from the bottom and lifts them up to form a nice rounded cleavage. It is one of the sexiest models of swimwear you can opt for. A “balcony-like” neckline forms a super feminine shape and adds volume even to small breasts. In the combination with a push-up, it guarantees the bombshell effect! But a push up balconette bikini top is not the only option. There are models with underwire (recommended for ladies with generous bust) and with molded cups to assure proper shape. Detachable or multi-position straps give many possibilities of wearing and sunbathing! If you prefer a one-piece, opt for a balconette swimsuit and if you love water sports get a balconette swim top!

A balconette bikini top - how it made and what is its construction?

The cups are usually of lower height in comparison with other types of tops while the straps are situated a bit wider and closer to the armpits. This structure guarantees a beautiful low-cut and open neckline. What are the aesthetic advantages of a balconette bikini top? It flatters gentle feminine curves, lengthens and optically slims the waist and creates unbelievably sexy neckline. Even the “petite” type of women will benefit from this unique style as it plumps up and adds volume to the upper body part, boosts the bust and brings out what is the most beautiful about feminine bodies.

What is important while choosing a balconette bikini?

If you have sloping shoulders the wide set straps may be a little problematic, as it is possible that they will be sliding down. So try a few models and choose the one that is working best for you. Experimenting with styles and shapes will let you discover what suits you best. If you have full breasts a balconette bra may be also a challenge. Make sure that the height of the cup is in a good size, as you don’t want any accidental slip-outs. However, some models may work for you well. If you don’t find a balconette bikini top that would suit you well, try a classic push-up in full coverage, especially if you are planning to spend an active day at the beach and want to feel comfortable. Balconette style bikini is one of the best styles of bikinis for wide set breasts.

What can you match a balconette bikini top with?

You know that a set of a bathing suit is only a part of a beach outfit. As this type of a top provides a beautiful cleavage, it will look perfect with beach dresses and cover-ups with a wide and deep-open neckline. We have a wide range of summer and beach gear so check it out and choose what suits you best. We also encourage you to match this top or a balconette swimsuit with a pair of shorts or a skirt, it will look seductive and light at the same time. You may be sure that you will attract a lot of attention! Remember: if you choose a model with multi-positioning of the straps, you may wear it under a very cut out dress or top. Bikinis look great under summer light clothes so if you will have a top with interchangeable straps you can even go for a backless long elegant dress and rock a cocktail party by the pool! To sum up: try experimenting as much as you can to find your best fit. Sexy but not always easy – balconette bikini may turn out to be your favorite style and best friend this summer! You may not know this yet, but maybe you have just discovered a loyal companion for all your holidays!

Push up balconette bikini

Padded balconette bikini comes in a push up version. Opt for super push up balconette bikini. You will look sexy and your cleavage will be very seductive. On Brazilian Bikini Shop website you will find balconette bikini push up and many other balcony style bikinis such and balconette one piece swimwear. Push up comes in many styles: longline, tankini, black balconette bikini, balconette swimsuit and much more… If you are not sure if a balconette swim top is the best option for you take a quick view of our “Best bikini for my body type guide”.

Balconette style bikini at a good price

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