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Whether you have signed up for baby swim classes or are just taking your infant for a dip in the kiddie pool, has the baby swimwear for you. The options for baby swimwear on offer range from one-pieces and bikinis with stylish geometrical patterns, such as polka dots with a fancy fringe, to those displaying vibrant and fun cartoons and animal imagery. Made from comfortable yet durable materials such as Lycra®, this baby swimwear easily rivals the chic designs to be found in Mommy' swimsuit collection. Some excellent complements to this newborn swimwear include sunscreen and a sweet pair of shades!

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Choosing Baby Swimwear

As you get ready to pick out a new suit for your precious little one, be sure to consider the correct criteria. Babies have specific needs, and their swimsuits are specially designed to meet those needs. By assessing your options with the following criteria in mind, it is easy to make the best choice for you and your baby.

Look at the Cut of Your Baby Swimwear

When you are looking at a newborn bathing suit, the cut is more important than you think. For adults, the cut of your beachwear is usually about your body type. However, children have different considerations at the beach or pool. Babies need options that stay in place on their small bodies. Baby bikinis are cute for a summer holiday. However, if you spend a lot of time outside on the sand, you might want something with more coverage than a bikini baby. A baby rash guard swimsuit may be a better option. The selections will also vary for boys and girls. Baby girl bathing suits may be bikinis, one-pieces or tankinis. A baby boy swimsuit may include a swim shirt, baby swim trunks and more. Options for a rash guard are available for both boys and girls.

Shop for Newborn Swimwear with Safety and Fun in Mind

Safety is always important in the water. Babies cannot protect themselves, which means that safety is even more vital. The swimsuit you choose should stay in place and not have any choking hazards that can be detached from the suit. A rash guard or swim shirt with sun protection is a very good choice. Babies have sensitive skin, and they need UV sun protection. The good news is that there are plenty of options for baby UV swimwear. For maximum coverage, you can select baby swim shorts and a long sleeve baby swimsuit.

Consider Color and Print for Baby Bathing Suits Before You Buy

The cut of your infant's swimwear may be a more practical consideration. However, color and print are a chance for fun. Start with color. You can pair the color with your child's natural skin tone. For example, a baby blue bikini will enrich a light skin tone or accent a darker skin tone. Black and red are classic and versatile, and these colors are great for any newborn swimsuit. Next, there is print. Printed suits for babies are just so much fun. The whimsical characters or jolly patterns are the essences of childhood. You can also pick prints that match your child's personality. Look for options with their favorite animals, superheroes, cartoon characters and more. This will ensure that both you and your child love the suit. Make it even more fun by matching your child's suit to yours with mommy and baby swimsuits. There are adorable mother daughter matching swimsuits. There are even options for boys. Mommy and me swimsuits baby can coordinate exactly in terms of print, color or cut.

Find a Sale on Baby Boy Swimwear and Baby Girl Swimsuits

Getting a cheap suit is not the most important part of shopping for your newborn. However, children grow quickly. A 0 year swimsuit will not last very long. Soon, your child will need a 6 month bathing suit and a 9 month suit. By the time children are looking at 12 month suits or 1 year suits, their size will stabilize slightly. The next size up is an 18 month suit. Since you have to replace suits so often at this young age, you should probably look for affordable, quality suits.
Your little one deserves to swim in style! Browse our baby swimwear for the season's chic-est bathing suits. From baby bikinis to tiny trunks, we have the baby swimwear you need to outfit your child for swim season.
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