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It is possible to enjoy the sun and be well protected – this is the UV.LINE philosophy! You don’t need to avoid the sun to stay healthy and look young. UV.LINE believes the opposite – that the sun is a natural remedy and the source of happiness for everyone! However, the use of the sun must be conscious. A direct exposition on strong sun rays is not healthy for anyone. It may be very prejudicial for your skin and general health (e.g. aging, sunburns, skin cancer). If you know all this – you are on the right path!

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UV protection clothing

In 1996 in Australia the concept of solar protection clothes was first invented. As the country is very sunny and most of its population has bright skin, more and more skin health issues were reported. The country introduced a policy of public health that was encouraging the development of new solar protection methods. All the UV.LINE textiles or the subject of rigorous tests by ARPANSA – Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, who developed the SPF for the textiles: 30, 40 or 50+. UV.LINE assures the quality and protection of their products during their whole life. The pieces are produced from special high-tech fabrics. Some of them include in their composition titanium dioxide based fibers, which provide greater protection against ultraviolet radiation.

UV protection technology

UV.LINE products are an alternative to sunscreen in the form of clothing. The body parts covered with UV.LINE clothes do not need to be covered with any sunscreen as the protection is provided by the clothes. It is constant and doesn’t disappear after being wet. UV.LINE clothes block at least 98% of the solar radiation.

All you need to know about the UV radiation

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) corresponds to about 7% of the total radiation emitted by the sun and is divided into 3 sub-categories: UVA, UVB and UVC. Each wavelength exerts a different effect on humans. Depending on the time and intensity of exposure, the effects range from vitamin D3 synthesis to early aging and skin cancer. UVA: harmful • deep • cancer • aging UVB: red and burn • surface UVC: totally absorbed by oxygen and ozone of the atmosphere

UV.LINE, advanced UV clothing

UV.LINE was created in 2003, as a result of lots of research, including dermatologist consultations and extraordinary care about delivering high quality products. UV.LINE is the first Latin American brand to commercialize clothes with solar protection. The brand follows all the fashion trends and advanced technology in order to develop and design clothes for your family, friends and for you. We would love you to get to know and use our products. But most of all, we would like to recognize their quality, practicality and efficiency! Little changes in our life can provoke huge changes in our health! Take care of what you eat, drink water, exercise and enjoy the sun energy in a conscious and healthy way!

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