Ultra-Feminine Bracelet With Gorgeous Glass...

Ultra-Feminine Bracelet With Gorgeous Glass Beads That Reflect The Light. Glossy Effect! - Bomfim Brasil Bicolor


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Treat Yourself To This Charming Bracelet In An Inviting Mix Of Subtle Hues That Will Add A Unique Touch To Your Everyday Look. -
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Baby Rose
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Marinho
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Vermelho
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Preto
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Azul
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Roxo
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Amarelo
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Laranja
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Branco
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Verde Musgo
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Verde Limao
Bomfim Rosao
Cheerful Bracelet Handcrafted With Beads And Woven Threads In A Kaleidoscope Of Bright And Eye-Catching Colours! - Bomfim Laranj
This Wide, Ethnic-Design Bracelet By Mishky Is Ideal To Round Off The Savannah Look.. - Bomfim Amarelao
Fitinha Senhor Do Bomfim - Rosa Choque


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Description Ultra-feminine bracelet with gorgeous glass beads that reflect the light. Glossy effect! - Bomfim Brasil Bicolor Bonfim

This delightful bracelet, decorated with luminous glass beads, will never fail to create a sensation. It features autumnal hues enhanced with a touch of coral pink, making it the perfect year-round accessory for your wardrobe. Entirely made by hand using the traditional skills of the indigenous people of the Amazon, Mishky bracelets live up to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. The bracelet is thus reinforced at both ends to keep the woven threads from unravelling and comes with a very durable pull-string closure that allows you to adjust it to your wrist. Approximately 2 cm wide.

  • Brazilian Ribbon
  • Brand: Bonfim
  • Main color: Multicolor
  • Width: 40cm / 15.75in
  • Origin: Made in Brazil

Brazilian Ribbon Multicolor Bonfim Classic

  • Composition: 100% Polyester
Product information
  • Department: Unisex, Brazilian Ribbon
  • Package includes: 1 x Brazilian Ribbon (Other accessories not included)
  • HS CODE (Customs number): 71179000
  • SKU: 19550000001
  • EAN: Unique size (7899815053676)
  • Supplier reference: 16-VERDE/AMARELA
  • Weight: 10g / 0.02lb / 0.35oz
  • Retouched photos
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Bonfim Bomfim Brasil Bicolor

How to take care of your jewelry in summer?

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2) Lotions, sunscreens, body oils or even shower gels may make your jewelry lose its shine. Some of these products leave a mat film on the surface of the metal and stones.

3) After wearing the jewelry wipe it with a damp, clean and soft cloth. It will remove all the rests of the lotions and other products you used at the beach. It will also make them ready for storage until the next use. Storage the jewelry in a clean and dry place.

4) How to storage jewelry? To avoid tangles and scratches, keep your jewelry in a special case with separate compartments, preferably fabric-lined.

5) What you can also do after the summer season is to take it to a jeweler who would professionally clean it to maintain its shine and luster.

Gold plated, silver, leather, golden grass (capim dourado) or ribbon ? no matter what material is your jewelry made of, always take good care of it. It will repay you with the beautiful shine and sparkles that will illuminate your look!


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