SEAWAG - designed to enjoy water! Discover the amazing collection of waterproof cases for your smartphone! Totally safe, waterproof tested till the depth of 25m (80ft), snow proof, sand proof and dust proof! Take amazing underwater pictures, make calls and fully enjoy the touch screen! SEAWAG has a short but very successful and intense history as a brand. It developed amazingly fast and launched some awesome products that every person heading for summer or winter holidays should be equipped with! It all started with waterproof bags in 2012, however the biggest success and popularity can be assigned to waterproof cases. In December 2013 SEAWAG was created. The brand slogan: "Designed to enjoy water" fully described what the creators of the brand had in mind. The cases protect your mobile devices not only from water but they are also snow proof, sand proof and dust proof. You still can keep on calling through the case, take amazing underwater pictures and videos (IPX8 tested to 25m/80ft) and fully enjoy the touch screen. Your phone is protected whenever you go! Apart of being very functional the products come in variety of colors, so you can chose what suits you best! With SEAWAG you can enjoy the holidays and not worry about your smartphone protection wherever you go!
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