Two friends driven by the charms of architecture, art and the authenticity of fashion decided to come together and turn their great passions into a business.

Both with experience in the fashion sector, they felt the need for something innovative and sophisticated in the market, developing a brand that conveys not only a unique and minimalist style, but above all, the love they feel for creating exclusive pieces with the smallest details in mind. As a result of travelling and being enchanted by the Inca mysteries, no name could represent the brand as well as INTI.

Derived from the Quechua language, it means "God of the Sun".

The singular shape of the sun represents an eternal cycle of love and peace.

INTI, a luxury brand from Rio de Janeiro that translates minimalism and contemporary architecture. Asymmetry, lines and cut-outs are always present in the versatile designs that go beyond the sea. Developed with a timeless design, our models are unique pieces that move between boldness and elegance.

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