The brand Guayapi was founded by Claudie Ravel in 1992 and its aim is to promote noble and traditional plants from their homeland such as Amazon and Sri Lanka. She created strong and fair partnerships with the local communities in order to support them and promote their natural products. Organic production, fair trade, and biodiversity are the high standards criteria respected by the brand. From the Sateré Mawé Indians of the Brazilian Amazon, to the Shipibos Indians of Peru, to the Sri Lankan villagers of Halpola, Guayapi is commited to fair remuneration of the producers for the fruit of their labor and to support the development projects for the communities. Moreover, it respects biodiversity and assures the consumer of the exceptional quality of a noble product. Guayapi delivers:

- Super foods
- Deli
- Cosmetics

Since 2003, Guayapi is a member administrator and director of Fair Trade France.

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