Granado is the oldest Brazilian pharmaceutical brand, which was created in 1870 in Rio de Janeiro. José Antonio Coxito Granado, the Portuguese pharmacist, who had a little farm near to Rio de Janeiro opened his first store in town. He was selling his own-produced remedies, medicines and other formulas and products that he made using local plants, herbs and flowers. The quality of his products brought him enormous success and soon he was able to set up his factories and a pharmacy in the most prestigious location of Rio de Janeiro. He and his brother developed many products and formulas that are sold until today such as antiseptic talc or 100% vegetable-based glycerin soaps. The company underwent many modernization processes, change ownership and capital but its main focus and objective remain the same until today: bring back life to traditional Brazilian brands and products, use Brazilian natural wealth and bring it to the people. Today you can buy Granado products in more than 60 stores in Brazil, stores in France, Portugal and online at Brazilian bikini Shop!


Granado – The Oldest Brazilian Pharmacy in 1870 the Portuguese pharmacist José Antonio Coxito Granado opened his first store in Rio de Janeiro. He had s a small farm where he cultivated many herbs, native flowers and plants. He used them to the production of natural products, remedies and cosmetics sold in his pharmacy. His company was the first one to register Brazilian herbs and plants to be used in remedy production and all his life was dedicated to cultivate, discover and research the local flora and its healing properties. Official Pharmacy Of The Brazilian Imperial Family The dedication of José Granado to innovation, research and remedy production using the local natural plants as well as the quality of his products were nt unnoticed. Soon his store received the title of the Official Pharmacy of the Brazilian Imperial Family. in 1903 José’s brother Antonio created the company’s oldest and the most treasured product – the antiseptic powder. This formula stayed intact until today and it is a very popular product in Brazil. Its healing features in the treatment of ailments and comfort to the feet were approved by Oswaldo Cruz – a famous Brazilian doctor, physician, bacteriologist and epidemiologist. in 1916 the company launched 100% vegetable-based glycerine soap. These soaps remain one of the company's emblematic products until today. Growth and success The pharmacy became very popular and appreciated among doctors, pharmacists and individuals. José Granado opened his factories and in 1917 the first store in a very prestigious location - in front of the Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The store operates until today. For the next decades Granado continued to develop innovative formulas, medicines and remedies. He was also the author of several pharmaceutical publications. The company was family-run until the 1990s. At the end of the XX century the company was bought by Christopher Freeman – an English entrepreneur and in 2004 Phebo – the Brazilian first luxury perfumery founded in 1930 was incorporated into the company. Granado company was modernized and re-connected to the Brazilian tradition. The main focus of the company is to bring new life to traditional Brazilian products and brands. Today it remains one of Brazil’s finest examples of success, quality and innovation in the segments of health, hygiene, cosmetics, perfumes and personal care. Granado concept stores The Granado Concept Store Project was implemented in 2005 with the opening of its first renovated flagship store at the pharmacy's original address in Rio de Janeiro. The stores is characterized by XXth century pharmacy atmosphere thanks to the design and many original items from the first Granado’s pharmacies and factories that are used as a display decoration which gives the vibe of history and tradition. Today there are more than 60 Granado stores in Brazil. Granado went international starting with a personalized corner in the prestigious Parisian department store Le Bon Marche Rive Gauche in 2013. The subsidiary of the company was created in the same year in France as the interests in the brand was growing among premium boutiques in France and abroad. In 2017 the stores were open in Lisbon in and Paris.

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