Coconut Scented Monoi Oil, Spf3 - Monoï Tiki Coco Solaire Indice 3 60Ml
Coconut Scented Monoi Oil, Spf3 - Monoï Tiki...

Coconut Scented Monoi Oil, Spf3 - Monoï Tiki Coco Solaire Indice 3 60Ml


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Pure Tahitian Monoi Oil Without Added Perfume 120Ml - Tiki Monoi Ao 120Ml Unscented


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Description Coconut scented monoi oil, SPF3 - Monoï Tiki Coco Solaire Indice 3 60Ml Tiki

Moisturise your skin and protect it from the UV with the Monoï Tiki Coco sun oil. You'll fall under the charm of the intoxicating perfume of the monoï flower present in the oil that will give you a skin with a satin finish and delicate scent. The protection factor SPF 3 is intended for skins that are already suntanned or have low sun sensitivity.

  • Cosmetic-Body Care
  • Brand: Tiki
  • Size: 60 ml
  • Perfume: Coconut
  • Origin: Made in Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Cosmetic Tiki Classic

  • Composition: 95% Monoi de Tahiti - Contains sunscreen
  • UV Protection: SPF 3
Product information
  • Department: Unisex, Cosmetic
  • Package includes: 1 x Cosmetic (Other accessories not included)
  • HS CODE (Customs number): 3304992900
  • SKU: 1974035
  • EAN: Unique size (3504750001272)
  • Supplier reference: 1MCR60
  • Weight: 130g / 0.29lb / 4.59oz
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Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Tiki Monoï Tiki Coco Solaire Indice 3 60Ml

There is no expiration date for the monoi oil. To protect its valuable virtues it is best to keep it in a cool place without light, but remember: monoi will be solid at cold temperatures, just warm in the hands to wake up its delights? It may go solid / liquid many times, it does not affect its beneficial effects.

Packaged in the bottle, the monoi oil is liquid, but it becomes solid in the temperature is below 24°, therefore it must be placed near a heat source to become liquid again. Before application, you can also warm the oil in your hands, rubbing them against each other and it will become liquid in no time.

About Tiki
If the smell of coconut reminds you of the beach, you can live in it even after going home with Tiki Monoi de Tahiti body products. The luxurious coconut and plant oils will leave your skin feeling fresh and nourished from head to toe. After-sun products are essential for keeping your skin moisturized, and Tiki Monoi de Tahiti has some of the most soothing after-sun care. If you prefer sandalwood or vanilla, Tiki Monoi de Tahiti products also come in those scents. From shampoo and soap to body oil and protective lotion, this product line has every skin care essential needed for a gorgeous beach-ready glow.
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