Best bikini tops for small bust

Best bikini tops for small bust

Swimsuit shopping is may be quite challenging when we consciously want to enhance our smaller chest. However, there are many tips and tricks that will let you rock the beach with a super self-confidence. Small breast may be actually something that acts on your advantage. You can buy skimpier swimsuits and you donít need as much support as the happy owners of large busts. And there is a wider selection for bikini tops for you: Bikini tops for small bust.

If you want to add some volume to your top part go for flounces, frills and ruffles. You will look fabulous in off the shoulder models. Bardot style that covers your chest with a flounce will make your breasts look bigger. You can also add some flounces to triangle or bandeau tops. Halter with frills will also create the illusion of an additional volume. As your breasts are not heavy, you can use narrow stripes. They will not cut into your skin. Narrow and adjustable stripes are great for you, as you may lift your breasts as much as you want. Eye-catching patterns and flashy colors will also act on your advantage.

Pads are also your allies! You can go for a softly padded model, removable pads models, hard cups, soft cups, push-ups! Classic built-in push-ups in two pieces or in one-piece swimsuits will always make your cleavage look good and full. Hard cup bandeau models are perfect for small breasts. Not only they will add volume but also shape your chest.

The underwire is usually recommended for large bust, however, it may be also an idea for small breasts. Underwired hard padded tops will give the shape to your chest like nothing else! Plunging necklines are for you as you do not need much support!

What to avoid?

Avoid classic triangle tops, without any padding. They will not flatter your breasts in any way. The same with any other flat kind of a top without volume adding details.

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