Adriana Degreas

A truly international reference, the Adriana Degreas brand is at the top of its art. Moving away from the tropical cliché of Brazilian beachwear and fashion trends, the brand creates timeless pieces with an elegant and refined design, tailored to a celebrity audience. Present at Rio Summer and the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, Adriana Degreas designs very conceptual models for fashion shows and thinks its collections in terms of "Bathing Couture". This influence can be felt in its more commercial line where the swimwear may include paisley or jacquard prints and wintry shades alongside caftans that look equally good whether on the beach or for everyday wear.
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When it comes to creating sizzling swimsuits that are unique, sexy and look luxurious, one simply cannot find a better brand than Adriana Degreas. The beautiful bikinis boast prints that allude to the natural wonders of Brazil, and the stylish cut of each garment makes it obvious that this is truly luxury swimwear at its finest. Adriana Degreas swimsuits make a serious statement, decorating the bodies of the most confident and stylish women in the world. Whether you're sunning yourself on a yacht or spending time poolside, these bold bikinis will draw in anyone who happens to catch a glimpse of you.
An international reference in the world of the luxury swimsuit, Adriana Degreas has been able to impose her vision of elegance and modernity by breaking away from the colourful tropical codes of Brazilian fashion.
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