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Washable Blue Barrier Mask - Face Mask Bbs07

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Description Washable blue barrier mask - FACE MASK BBS07 Karla Vivian

Together we will win the fight against COVID-19!
Use and care instructions:
- Individual use only, do not share the mask with anybody;
- The mask should be used for about 2 hours. After 2 hours you need to change the mask and wear a new one.
- If the mask becomes wet for whatever reason (sweating, cough, etc.), change the mask.
- Use the mask every time you leave home. Always when you leave home, take a few spare masks with you and bring a plastic bag to put the used mask in after you have changed it;
- Wash your used masks with soap and water. Let them soak for ten minutes and dry flat. Your mask is ready to use again when dry.
Product Technical Characteristcis:
Mask composition: 100% Polyamide; Tie composition: 85% Polyamide 15% Elastane;
Mask size: 13.5 X17cm; Tie lenght: 72cm (adjustable); Colors: White; Unique size;
Washable and reusable mask
Designed for comfort and protection;
Tie system for perfect fit;
Extremely soft to cause less irritation;
Elastane tie.
This device is neither a medical device in the meaning of the EU / 2017/747 Regulation (surgical masks) nor personal protective equipment in the meaning of the EU / 2016/425 Regulation (filtering masks of type FFP2)
This item is for private use only and it is not suitable for medical use or for occupational safety. No protection against infections.
This barrier mask intended for the general public does not exempt you in any way from applying protective measures such as social distancing and frequent hand washing.

  • •  Brand: Karla Vivian
  • •  Color: Blue
  • •  Print: Solid color
  • •  Style: Face Mask
  • •  Size: Width 16cm / 6.3in, Depth 13cm / 5.12in
  • •  Composition: 100% Polyamid
  • •  Lining: 100% Polyamid
  • •  Origin: Made in Brazil

Face Mask Blue Karla Vivian 2020

Product information
  • •  Department: Unisex Face Mask
  • •  Package includes: 1 x Face Mask (Other accessories not included)
  • •  Harmonized System (HS): 61124100
  • •  Date first listed on BBS: Tuesday 05 May, 2020
  • •  Stock quantity (Total of all sizes): 12
  • •  BBS Style Nį: 159006
  • •  Supplier reference: 19892 - blue
  • •  SKU: 1987002077
  • •  Weight: 20g / 0.04lb / 0.71oz
About the brand Karla Vivian
Karla Vivian has started her career 20 years ago as a stylist making bridal and special occasion dresses in Brazil. Due to the great success, the designer decided to expand her business by developing the product range for beachwear. Aimed at sophisticated and elegant women, the collection highlights their sensuality and promotes women's independence.

Karla Vivian's swimwear collection emerged from the desire to produce something in series, since in her daily life, with the products she worked, she did not have this possibility. Her dresses were handmade and assembled detail by detail on the body of each customer. Each piece needed dedicated work and the designer believed that the same final result would not be achieved if they were produced on a large scale.

The work of finding out what product to target took some time. The designer was studying possibilities, opportunities and audience to reach. A thorough analysis was done with professionals related to the textile industry and production. In the country that dictates the world’s beachwear fashion trends, Karla Vivian has decided to enter this market. The first step of the development was to reflect on these small pieces of art the characteristics of the work that she has been doing for decades.
Karla Vivian swimwear is generous in every detail. It is unique thanks to handmade embroidery, outstanding designs, exclusive patterns and personalized finishing for elegant women, who look not only for comfort and elegance but also for swimwear that demonstrates feminine sensuality in a sophisticated and unusual way. Shop the brand.

Pictures for Face Mask Blue Karla Vivian 2020

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Washable blue barrier mask - FACE MASK BBS07 karlavivian-face-mask-bbs07-1.jpg
Washable blue barrier mask - FACE MASK BBS07 karlavivian-face-mask-bbs07-2.jpg
Washable blue barrier mask - FACE MASK BBS07 karlavivian-face-mask-bbs07-0.jpg
Washable blue barrier mask - FACE MASK BBS07 karlavivian-face-mask-bbs07-3.jpg
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Karla Vivian Face Mask Bbs07

How to wear a mask correctly?
First of all, wash your hands with water and soap or an alcohol-based sanitizer. Once your hands are clean, make sure where the top front part of the mask. The mask may be equipped with ear loops, elastic head bands or ties.

Mask with ear loops: after checking where the top front part of the mask is, grab the ear loops with both hands and place them behind your ears.
Mask with head bands: place the top band at the crown of your head first. Once it is done, place the bottom band at the nape of your neck.
Mask with ties: first, tie the top ties at the crown of your head and then the bottom ones at the name of your neck.
Stretch the mask to cover your mouth and chin.

How to remove a mask correctly?
First of all, wash your hands. Second of all, do not touch the front of the mask with your hands, as it may be contaminated. Take it off using ear loops, elastic headbands or ties.

Mask with ear loops: Grab the ear loops with both hands and remove the mask from your face. Mask with head loops: take off the bottom band first and then remove the top one. Mask with ties: first, untie the bottom ties and then the bottom ties. Always have a plastic bag with you to put the used mask into. We recommend having a spare mask always with you while leaving home, you need to change the mask always when it gets wet (e.g. sneezing) and after the time indicated in the mask use instruction.

How to clean a face mask?

There are two types of masks: disposable and reusable (washable).

Always throw away a disposable mask after you finished using it. Donít try cleaning it.

Reusable masks need to be washed after every use. Wash it according to it's washing instruction. If there is no washing instruction, we recommend washing the mask with warm water and soap and letting it soak in the soapy water for about 10 minutes. At the end rinse the mask in clear water. Use the mask again only when it is completely dry. Make sure it is in good condition and if it has no holes or tears.
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