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   Brazilian Bikini Shop is certified by Trusted Shop in France, United Kingdom and Germany.

   Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

   Brazilian Bikini Shop is certified by The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark through

   Certificaat Thuiswinkel Waarborg (Netherlands)

   Dit betekent dat is gecertificeerd door de Stichting
   Certificering Thuiswinkel Waarborg

   Selo de Acreditação Confio (Portugal)

   Loja certificada

   Selo de Acreditação ACEPI (Portugal)

   Brazilian Bikini Shop é membro da associação da economia digital de Portugal.

   Confianza Online (Spain)

   Entidad adherida a Confianza Online

   Trygg e-handel (Sweden)

   Brazilian Bikini Shop är certifierat av Trygg e-handel (en del av Svensk distanshandel)

   Suomen Varmakauppa (Finland)

   Tämä verkkokauppa on läpäissyt Suomen Varmakauppa Oy:n sertifiointiprosessin
   ja on oikeutettu käyttämään Luotettava Verkkokauppa -sertifikaattia

   Netcomm (Italy)

   Brazilian Bikini Shop è socio di Netcomm, il consorzio del commercio elettronico italiano

   BeCommerce (Belgium)

   Brazilian Bikini Shop respecte le code Label BeCommerce

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   3D-Secure verification
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