The Beach People

The two sisters who have been living by the ocean in Australia all their lives - Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie are the founders and designers of The Beach People brand. They call themselves Makers of Seaside Luxe Essentials. Not only beach life is their inspiration but also their passion to design. This is how they came up with the idea to create a brand of luxurious, beautiful and high quality round beach towels. They say:
"It started with a simple idea and a love of design. From the beach to the home, our brand of Seaside Luxe essentials stands for iconic design and quality which combines elegance with functionality."

Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie, two Australian sisters who have spent all their life by the ocean created The Beach People brand in 2013. As they combined the love for their families, beach, summer life style and passion to create and design the first collection of round beach towels turned out to be a huge success. All the beach towels were sold out within a few days and the brand has been successful ever since. Today, after a few years since the beginning the brand is recognized internationally and keeps on growing and developing its offer.

The process of creation comes naturally and inspiration can be found in a beautiful location, unusual experience or it starts with an aesthetic vision. The sisters transform their ideas into reality: prints and designs with the help of a group of talented artists and designers. All products are tested at home, at the beach or within families and friends of the two.

The quality and innovation of the products are essential so that they can be used for years, are easy to use and wash. Among the products you will find big round beach towels, smaller round towels perfect for kids, double sided inflatable beach cushions, beach bags, carriers and beach ponchos for kids.

All the products are beautiful, perfectly finished, very functional and simple at the same time. Once you buy a piece, you will use it for years and come back for more. The designs are perfect in every single detail. Now you can feel as a member of the beach lovers community, check out our offer and a piece that suits you best.

The Beach People is a partner of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation and every $5 of the Original Jute Bag goes directly to support the fund and therefore the reef.
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The Beach People was created in 2013. The first collections of round beach towels were sold out within a few days. This success is the best confirmation that the beach essentials designs by Emma and Victoria are exceptional. Nowadays they are admired by beach lovers all around the world.
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