Salt Sun & Bikinis

Neoprene was made for summer! Check out of offer of super trendy hot pieces made from this special material: bikinis, hot pants, one-pieces swimsuits and much more! More traditional fabrics are also waiting just for you!
Salt Sun & Bikinis is a Brazilian beachwear fashion brand which uses neoprene as its main swimwear material. Since almost 100 years this fabric has been used for clothes that served people who had water related occupations (e.g. fishermen) or were professionally practicing water sports (e.g. swimmers). Today the material is taken to another level ? it reached the fashion world and catwalks. It is made from a rubber derivative. Neoprene has many advantages. First of all it shapes the body as it is thicker, denser and more structured than for example lycra. Feminine shapes are flattered in neoprene swimsuits! It dries very quickly, so that its assures comfort to its user! It does not crease and is more durable than other typical swimwear materials and fabrics ? you can easily fold it and take everywhere and be sure it will serve you well for several seasons! Last but not least? neoprene swimsuits are very trendy! Salt Sun & Bikinis? Beach Culture concept is a perfect choice and great solution if you want to look fashionable and attractive at the beach! Neoprene molding process of the brand?s swimwear makes their bikinis, one-piece swimsuits and hot pants unique. Check out what Salt Sun & Bikini has for you these season.. Oh and remember: if you prefer traditional fabrics of swimwear and beachwear ? no problem. The brand prepares more traditional collection as well!

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