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Polka dot craziness in our swimwear collection! Most trendy and feminine pattern ever rules on the beaches of the whole world. From pin-up style to most modern cuts

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Everything begun with a dance called Polka that came from Czehoslovakia and European dotted dresses. They both surged at the same time and became extremely fashionable. What is more, polka music clubs used to encourage their members to wear dotted outfits. This is how dots started to be associated with the dance and they started to be called in many languages “polka dots”. This is how polka dot pattern reached fashion and even in the first half of XX century style of Miss America 1926 and even Winston Churchill’s bow-tie! Minnie Mouse and Eleonore Roosevelt also wore polka dot dresses! The era of pin ups started in 1950’ and polka dot pattern was almost its trade mark: extremely feminine, maybe a little bit innocent and naïve and of course very seductive. 1960, the cover of the single Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini, with a polka dot bikini on a yellow background. On Brazilian Bikini Shop you will find lots of polka dot patterns on all kind of swimwear. Choose your favorite color combination!