Luxe Lie-on Float Parfum Champagne

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  • •  Brand: Sunnylife
  • •  Color: Gold
  • •  Style: Pool Floats & Inflatables
  • •  Size: Height 164cm / 64.57in, Width 102cm / 40.16in, Depth 23cm / 9.06in
  • •  Collection: 2023
  • •  Composition: 100% durable, non-toxic Phthalate free PVC.
  • •  Origin: Made in China

Pool Floats & Inflatables Gold Sunnylife 2023

Product information
  • •  Department: Unisex Pool Floats & Inflatables
  • •  Package includes: 1 x Pool Floats & Inflatables (Other accessories not included)
  • •  Harmonized System (HS): 42021210
  • •  Date first listed on BBS: Thursday 25 May, 2023
  • •  Stock quantity (Total of all sizes): 3
  • •  BBS Style N°: 280979
  • •  Supplier reference: S3lliepa
  • •  SKU: 1981120951
  • •  Weight: 880g / 1.94lb / 31.04oz
  • •  This item cannot be sent by postal service.
About the brand Sunnylife
Founded in 2003, Sunnylife is the world's leading Summer lifestyle brand, designed to service and enhance the best parts of life under the sun.
Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe.
Sunnylife is recognised for its vast seasonal collections featuring every must-have summer item imaginable. Fashion referenced bold graphics, showstopping prints and trend-setting packaging are all part of our trademark signature. We are continually committed to creating a range of sunny essentials that deliver on innovation, quality, style and functionality; the perfect summer range solution. Shop the brand.

Pictures for Pool Floats & Inflatables Gold Sunnylife 2023

Color may slightly vary from the picture owing to lighting effects and monitor settings.

Retouched photos

LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-0.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-1.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-2.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-3.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-4.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-5.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-6.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-7.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-8.jpg
LUXE LIE-ON FLOAT PARFUM CHAMPAGNE inflatable-parfum-champagne-9.jpg
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Sunnylife Luxe Lie-on Float Parfum

How to clean and maintain pool toys?

Not only your pool requires regular cleaning and maintenance but so do the pool toys!

Discover how to keep them in the best condition all season long! In a wet environment, there is a possibility of mildew and mold development. When the inflatables feel kind of slippery it may also be a form of algae. To prevent that from happening and assure that the toys are safe to use, follow these simple pieces of advice.

1) Always before using check if the pool toys have all the plugs secured and there are no holes.

2) SUNNYLIFE inflatable toys are equipped with a special kit to fix small holes.

3) How to wash? Prepare a solution of bleach and water (in the proportion 1:10).

4) Put on rubber gloves and eye protection (e.g. splash goggles).

5) With the use of a scrub brush wash the toys in the formula.

6) Wipe the toys with a clean dry cloth and let them dry in the shadow.

That's it! After the summer season, wash the inflatables very carefully and dry them completely to avoid development of any kind of bacteria or mold. Store them in an enclosed, dry space until next summer!
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