Liquid Gold Pendant Earrings - Flor

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Description Liquid gold pendant earrings - FLOR Capim dourado jalapao

  • •  Brand: Capim dourado jalapao
  • •  Color: Gold
  • •  Trends: Hand Made
  • •  Style: Earrings
  • •  Composition: Syngonanthus nitens - Golden Grass from Jalapao, Brazil
  • •  Origin: Made in Brazil

Earrings Gold Capim dourado jalapao 2017

Product information
  • •  Department: Women Earrings
  • •  Package includes: 1 x Earrings (Other accessories not included)
  • •  Harmonized System (HS): 71179000
  • •  Date first listed on BBS: Thursday 04 May, 2017
  • •  Stock quantity (Total of all sizes): 1
  • •  BBS Style N°: 81002
  • •  SKU: 195500000737
  • •  Weight: 50g / 0.11lb / 1.76oz
About the brand Capim Dourado Jalapão
On this page, you will find the best handmade jewelry made from so-called "golden grass", a grass-like species of Eriocaulaceae which only exists in the region of Jalapão, state of Tocantins in Brazil. Capim Dourado is the 100% natural Brazilian gold. But what exactly is it? We will try to give you the best possible explanation. Its' Latin name is "syngonanthus nitens" and it is a plant, similar to grass. It exists only in Brazil in the state of Tocantins that is situated in the country’s interior. It has a bright, shiny, golden color and is strong and durable enough to serve the material for beautiful original handcrafted pieces of jewelry. Handmade necklace, earrings and other accessories are the region’s best-known products. On the Brazilian Bikini Shop website, you will find these original South American pieces of jewelry. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings and other accessories, 100% natural, are starting to conquer the beach jewelry world. Capim Dourado is vegan-friendly, pet-friendly and becoming more and more popular not only in Brazil but also other countries. Why don’t you join the environment-friendly flow and try golden grass jewelry accessories?

Capim Dourado Jalapao Brazil
The Brazilian gold that grows abundantly in Jalapão, state of Tocantins has been quite recently discovered by the jewelry industry. It is environment-friendly, vegan-friendly and pet-friendly. Handmade beautiful jewelry pieces such as earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets and other accessories are waiting to be now discovered by you! They will look beautiful on the sun-kissed skin, highlight the summer tan and attract attention. They are an amazing and original complement to any summer outfit.

Golden Grass Brazilian Jewelry
Golden grass is an English name for Capim Dourado. This Brazilian jewelry made of golden... Shop the brand.

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Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Capim dourado jalapao Flor

How to take care of your jewelry in summer?

Your jewelry deserves good care all year long, but summer may a bit more challenging. Follow our tips and pieces of advice to make sure that your earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings survive the hot summer season at their best!

1) Enjoy beautiful summer jewelry at the beach, but before going for a swim remove it and put to a special case. No matter if the water is salty or chlorine it damages different metals, even the precious ones. It may also destroy the fine finishing of the stones and make them look dingy. There is also a risk of losing it in water!

2) Lotions, sunscreens, body oils or even shower gels may make your jewelry lose its shine. Some of these products leave a mat film on the surface of the metal and stones.

3) After wearing the jewelry wipe it with a damp, clean and soft cloth. It will remove all the rests of the lotions and other products you used at the beach. It will also make them ready for storage until the next use. Storage the jewelry in a clean and dry place.

4) How to storage jewelry? To avoid tangles and scratches, keep your jewelry in a special case with separate compartments, preferably fabric-lined.

5) What you can also do after the summer season is to take it to a jeweler who would professionally clean it to maintain its shine and luster.

Gold plated, silver, leather, golden grass (capim dourado) or ribbon ? no matter what material is your jewelry made of, always take good care of it. It will repay you with the beautiful shine and sparkles that will illuminate your look!
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