Lenny Niemeyer

Lenny Niemeyer is a Brazilian designer of luxury swimwear. Her bikinis are created for great fit and unique style. Lenny Swimwear is known around the world.

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When it comes to designing luxury swimwear that captures the imagination, Lenny Niemeyer is one of the most well-respected experts in the field. Her gorgeous luxury swimwear calls to mind some of the epic apparel created by the most iconic fashion designers in the world. Lenny Niemeyer understands the way luxury swimwear should hug a woman's curves, making her feel confident and glamorous, whether she's sitting on a yacht or sipping a glass of champagne by the pool. Not many luxury swimwear designers are as astute and creative as Lenny Niemeyer, who perfectly encapsulates the luxury lifestyle in her swimwear. Lenny Niemeyer puts a unique spin on every swimsuit she creates.
The luxury swimwear carrying the brand name Lenny are fashioned from the designs of Lenny Niemeyer, who entered the industry over 20 years ago because she couldn’t find a bikini that matched her personal style. Lenny Niemeyer, a talented architect, began her new career in the swimwear industry shortly after arriving to Rio de Janeiro from her native Sao Paulo in 1980. Upon her arrival, one of her first self-appointed tasks was to find a bikini that embodied the sensual spirit of the locals, who are known by the Portuguese term Carioca. After a long search that left her empty handed, Lenny decided to take charge of the situation. She purchased a suitable length of Lycra, laid out a design and hired a seamstress to fashion a final product. The result was a bikini that fit the images of the Carioca in her imagination. Lenny continued to design new swimwear, and she sold her designs to some of the most respected brands in Brazil. However, after 10 years of designing for other companies, Lenny decided that it was time to start her own. In 1993, she began by renting additional apartments in her building so that she had space to manufacture her swimwear. In the same year, she opened her first store in the elegant Rio neighborhood of Ipanema. Sales took off, and she soon outgrew her apartment facilities. To gain the additional space required, Lenny used her innate resourcefulness to convert an old shed into a factory. Four years after starting her new business, Lenny was invited to her first fashion show. Some of the most talented and beautiful models in the business walked the runway sporting her designs, and ever since, her name has been associated with elegant, high-class swimwear. Lenny now operates 18 stores in Brazil, and her swimwear and fashion accessories are exported to continents throughout the world, including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.