Ipanema Flip-flops - Anatomica Brilliant Iii Brown

Anatomica Brilliant III brown flip flops were made in Brazil by Ipanema.


This comfortable flip-flop design from Ipanema features a contoured fit paired with fashionable Italian design. Made of 100 percent PVC, this beach footwear snuggly conforms to the sole of the foot. The textured surface of the Anatomica Brilliant III provides skid-resistance, insuring the sandal remains on the wearer's foot during walks along the beach or boardwalk. Shown here in two-tone brown, the dark colored base of the shoe contrasts stunningly with the lighter earthtoned Y-strap.

  • •  Brand: Ipanema
  • •  Color: Brown
  • •  Style: Flip-Flops
  • •  Options: Anatomic sole
  • •  Composition: Made with PVC 100% recyclable
  • •  Origin: Made in Brazil

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