Havaianas flip-flops for Baby

Little feet in the world’s most famous flip-flops brand! Super comfortable, soft, perfectly designed and in wonderful colors and prints - Havaianas flip-flops for babies on Brazilian Bikini Shop!

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Havaianas flip-flops were invented more ten 50 years ago. Since that time a lot stayed the same – as classic models - but a lot has alo changed! Today the brand offers footwear not only for adults and teenagers but also for babies. Now also your child can profit from the best that the brand has to offer. And what is that? First of all – comfort. Havaianas material used in production of footwear is a specially design and crafted from a top secret, premium Brazilian rubber formula - a famous hallmark of the Havaianas brand. They do not rub the skin, they do not slip even on wet surfaces, stay well on feet and in case of Havaianas flip-flops for babies they have a special elastic band that holds the shoe on the foot. What is more, the flip-flops come in beautiful colors for boys, girls as well as in unisex version. They come with children’s favorite cartoon characters or even “adult-like” patterns e.g. in animal prints. From the size 19 to 28 – European sizes!