Hard Padded One-piece Swimsuit In Khaki - Mirantes Naturais

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We recommend ordering your usual size.

Brazilian bikini bottoms are generally high-cut and rather low-rise.

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Description Hard padded one-piece swimsuit in khaki - MIRANTES NATURAIS La Playa

  • •  Brand: La Playa
  • •  Color: Green
  • •  Style: Plus size One piece swimsuits - Tank / Bra
  • •  Top style: Plus size Padded top (Hard cup) - With underwire
  • •  Padding: Plus size Padded top (Hard cup)
  • •  Underwire: Plus size With underwire
  • •  Bottom style: Plus size Moderate
  • •  Bottom coverage: Plus size Moderate
  • •  Composition: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane
  • •  Lining: Lined with Unknow composition
  • •  Washing instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat
  • •  Origin: Made in Brazil

Ideal for body shapes : 8 / Eight, O / Round

One piece swimsuits Green La Playa 2018

Product information
  • •  Department: Women One piece swimsuits Plus size
  • •  Package includes: 1 x One piece swimsuits (Other accessories not included)
  • •  Harmonized System (HS): 61124100
  • •  Date first listed on BBS: Wednesday 20 June, 2018
  • •  Stock quantity (Total of all sizes): 1
  • •  Print reference: LAPLAYA 2018 MILITAR
  • •  BBS Style N°: 110567
  • •  Supplier reference: 321cor:03-militar
  • •  SKU: 1981102980
  • •  Weight: 120g / 0.26lb / 4.23oz
Size & Fit

Size and fit recommendation for One piece swimsuits La Playa Mirantes Naturais

We recommend ordering your usual size. Brazilian bikini bottoms are generally high-cut and rather low-rise.

Available sizes: XL

Your size is not available? Notify me when Restocked

Ideal for body shapes : 8 / Eight, O / Round

For more information on body shapes, please read our guide. Bikini for body type

1. Bust

Measure over the fullest part of your bust, with the tape measure parallel to the floor. This measurement will assist you in determining your swimwear or clothing size for tops and dresses.

2. Waist

Measure around the narrowest part of your natural waistline.

3. Hips

Measure around the fullest part of your hip, before the thigh begins to narrow. This measurement will help you determine your size for bikini bottoms, skirts, pants, and form-fitting dresses.

Plus Size
Plus Size Size Guide
SIZE Europe Brazil USA UK Australia France Germany Portugal Italy Bust Waist Hips
Inches CM Inches CM Inches CM
XL 42 44 10 - 12 14 14 42 42 40 42 46 37 to 39 94 to 99 30 to 31.5 76.2 to 80 40.9 to 42.9 104 to 109
XXL 44 46 12 16 16 44 44 42 44 48 39 to 40.9 99 to 104 31.5 to 33.5 80 to 85 42.9 to 45.7 109 to 116
0X 46 48 14 18 18 46 46 44 46 50 41.3 to 42.9 105 to 109 33.9 to 36.2 86 to 92 45.7 to 46.1 116 to 117
1X 48 50 16 20 20 48 48 46 48 52 44.1 to 44.9 112 to 114 37 to 38.2 94 to 97 46.9 to 48 119 to 122
2X 50 52 18 22 22 50 50 48 50 54 46.1 to 48 117 to 122 39 to 40.2 99 to 102 48.8 to 51.2 124 to 130
3X 52 54 20 24 24 52 52 50 52 56 48.8 to 51.2 124 to 130 42.1 to 44.1 107 to 112 52 to 53.1 132 to 135
4X 54 56 22 26 26 54 54 52 54 58 52 to 52.8 132 to 134 44.9 to 45.7 114 to 116 53.9 to 54.7 137 to 139
About the brand La Playa
With exciting prints and the type of daring, body-conscious clothes for which Brazilian designers are so well-known, La Playa is one of the most exciting fashion brands on the market today. Their bikinis and thong bathing suits, dresses and other garments are crafted with originality, in addition to a bold stroke of sensuality. For memorable designs that will consistently elicit compliments from strangers, a woman would definitely want to shop the La Playa brand. Few designers these days are creating such exciting and beautiful styles. In addition, the La Playa clothes are also crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring that they will last a long time.

From the same group as Morena, the La Playa brand primarily aims to enhance the the beauty of the body with the sobriety and elegance that characterizes it. From classics to models fashionable at the moment, all La Playa bikinis have delicate finishes that make them extremely feminine. Like Lua Morena, the brand also offers typical Brazilian bottoms with particularly pronounced low-cuts that make those who wear them attractive and sensual. Shop the brand.

Pictures for One piece swimsuits Green La Playa 2018

Color may slightly vary from the picture owing to lighting effects and monitor settings.

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Hard padded one-piece swimsuit in khaki - MIRANTES NATURAIS onepiece-laplaya-mirantes-naturais-0.jpg
Hard padded one-piece swimsuit in khaki - MIRANTES NATURAIS onepiece-laplaya-mirantes-naturais-1.jpg
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for La Playa Mirantes Naturais

Do you want to enjoy your new bikini set for a few seasons? If so, you need to learn how to take good care of it. The good quality fabric is a must if you want to enjoy your bikini set for more than one summer, but how to make it last for a few years?

First of all: avoid harsh surfaces. When you want to sit or lie down - always use a towel. Direct contact with surfaces such as concrete, stones (e.g. swimming pool edges) or wood (splinters!) may simply damage the soft fabric of your swimwear.

How to wash?

After each use, rinse the bikini in clear and not salty water. We always recommend hand washing. Never use strong detergents such as stain removers. Use products for delicate fabrics, a simple soap but preferably the special product intended for swimwear washing.

Always remember to take out the wet swimsuit from your beach bag or pouch. Do not leave it wet for a long time folded and damp. Why? The prints and patterns may discolor. And if your bikini is ornamented with stones, pearls or frills avoid rubbing, twisting and stretching while washing.

If the swimsuit has a stain, try to dab it while it is still wet. If the stain is dry, avoid scratching it off. You may destroy the dye. It is better to ask for help your local dry cleaner.

How to dry?

Never in the sun. Take a towel, put your bikini or a swimsuit on it and roll delicately in order to take out the excess of water. Lay it flat on a towel and let it dry in a shade. Direct exposure on sunlight may start the color fading process. Never us a dryer.

How to get rid of little sand particles imprisoned in your fabrics? Take a hairdryer and blow the sand out on a cool setting.
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