What is fouta? It is a big and soft piece of fabrics mainly used as a beach towel but not only! If you want to have a towel, blanket, bedspread and a tablecloth all in one choose one of our unique and trendy pieces!

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  • 165 cm x 95 cm / 64 in x 37 in
  • 90 cm x 175 cm
  • Pink
  • Multicolored
  • Orange
  • Blue
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Striped fringed Fouta beach towel - MANYANA
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Can you imagine a beach towel, blanket, bedspread and a tablecloth all in one? Why not? Fouta has had a lot of success recently and it is perfect in each of the role above. Foutas in our collection have unique designs and are made of natural fibers. This is the key to their popularity. Fouta is delicate and solidly made at the same time. It is worth to buy one from our collection and enjoy all its benefits !! Here's how you can use it: • Beach towel – it is always worth to take fouta to the beach as it can serve as a blanket, towel or a beach mat. It is also nice to cover and warm up, for example, after swimming or when the wind gets cold. • Shawl - In Mediterranean and Arab countries, fouta serves as an element of an outfit. You can also use it as a big shawl. • Bedspread - thrown on a couch or bed will bring unique atmosphere to each interior. • Tablecloth - they are large, delicate and in beautiful designs - you can easily put it on the table!