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Wearing a face mask by the general public nowadays has become a big issue. Hearing in the media many pros and cons, it seems that using protective face masks is a necessary part of our everyday life and probably will continue so. We all know that in difficult times of the new coronavirus pandemic when the face protection masks are highly demanded, they become scarce goods. While the surgical masks and N95 respirators shall be intended for the health care workers and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are plenty of other types of face protection like homemade masks, cotton face masks, polyamide face masks, reusable face masks, disposable face masks, etc. You are free to use whatever washable mask you want, as long as you know how to wear it efficiently and protectively. Facing the coronavirus pandemic, Brazilian Bikini Shop has joined forces with several Brazilian swimwear manufacturers to produce masks for the health care workers (hospitals and clinics) as well as for the general public. Thanks to this project, the workers could keep their jobs, the healthcare system will get the disposable respirators and part of the sales will support the Solidarity Response Fund to Fight Coronavirus launched by WHO. We work hard to make sure that you too could buy face masks at a reasonable price so you can feel protected and safe. In the time of the coronavirus spread and the COVID disease pandemic wearing a face mask in public help to protect ours and other people’s health. The use of fabric masks and face covering makes public space a safer place.

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Is wearing Cloth Face Mask necessary?

Wearing a cloth face mask or other fabric face covering is recommended by the health authorities in many countries. In some of them, wearing face masks or at least some sort of face covering is necessary and obligatory when you leave home. It prevents particles that come out while coughing from going out into the general public. In that situation, a cloth mask is as efficient and protective as any medical grade mask. Facing the lack of available washable fabric face masks, as well as the lack of alcohol based hand sanitizers, lots of people were unable to buy protective masks. Many of them become very resourceful and equipped themselves with homemade masks. At Brazilian Bikini Shop, you can buy high-quality face protection fabric masks with adjustable ear loops that will make you feel safe and well protected.

What fabrics are face protection masks made of?

Picking a material to make a face mask can be a challenge. The effectiveness of fabric masks varies depending on the textile used, the style and the fit. Our masks are made with great care and focus on the details to provide you the highest level of protection. The adjustable ear loops and double layers provide a very good fit and high protection level. Our masks are made mostly from cotton and polyamide. Some are equipped with a filter, others have a special pocket to insert a filter. Wear fabric masks to make sure you give good protection to your face, nose and mouth. Always read carefully use and care instructions to make the best use of the cotton or polyamide face mask of your choice. Buy a pack, use the free delivery option and share the protective mask pack with your friends and family.

Is wearing a face mask enough to stay safe?

Wearing and using a mask properly significantly reduces the risk of both spreading and acquiring the virus. However, you cannot forget about other safety measures like frequent hand washing with soap or rubbing your hands' skin with a special alcohol based hand sanitizer. This measure is intended to remove the virus from your hands' skin so that you will not be able to transfer it to your respiratory system. Social distancing and other obligatory rules and restrictions imposed during the pandemic, together with the proper face masks, contribute to decreasing the new coronavirus and therefore COVID disease spread. Each of us can do their best to help the medical staff, who are said to the stars and the heroes in this fight. The disposable equipment for the CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – will help the medical professionals and health caregivers to stay safe and well protected. For people who don’t work in the medical area is enough to buy a washable cotton face mask to protect their mouth and nose. Like many public health workers fighting against the coronavirus and the COVID disease people working in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are facing the infection risks every day. Let’s help them by staying home, wearing a face mask in public, using shopping home delivery options, washing hands with soap often, not touching our face and avoiding social interactions in person. It is not a big price to pay to protect ourselves and our dear ones.

Should I use disposable face masks or reusable face mask?

N95 respirators and surgical masks should be used by health care workers and be disposed of after the use. Disposable masks like N95 respirators should never be reused. You can clean and reuse cloth face covering. Tissue masks reduce the spread of the coronavirus and provide adequate protection against virus inhalation. You can just stick a used textile face mask in the laundry with soapy water under high temperature and it is perfectly safe again when it comes out of the dryer. Protect your nose and mouth in cotton and polyamide masks. At the Brazilian Bikini Shop, you can buy them at a reasonable price. Check the free delivery options. Washable cotton masks available on our site will help to protect you from the new coronavirus and COVID disease. You need to learn how to use them and wash them so that they will keep their protective function for a long time.

Together against COVID-19!

Use and care instructions:

- Individual use only, do not share the mask with anybody;

- The mask should be used for about 2 hours. After 2 hours you need to change the mask and wear a new one.

- If the mask becomes wet for whatever reason (sweating, cough, etc.), change the mask.

- Use the mask every time you leave home. Always when you leave home, take a few spare masks with you and bring a plastic bag to put the used mask in after you have changed it;

- Wash your used masks with soap and water. Let them soak for ten minutes and dry flat.
Your mask is ready to use again when dry.
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