Espadrilles for men

Espadrilles are light summer shoes, which sole is made of jute or other natural material braid. Their history is at least 4000 years long. They are an original solution between covered shoes such as moccasins or trainers and open ones as for example sandals. Espadrilles are very popular all over the worlds, especially in the countries where the climate is hot and the sun shines for many months in the year. Classic man espadrilles and slipped on foot, but more and more often we can find models with laces, which makes them similar to trainers or sneakers.
For many years the espadrilles have been cheap summer shoes for everyday use. However, in the 1960’ they became a subject of the great fashion world interest. They match very well many outfits: shorts and linen trousers, they also look good in the combination with light summer suits, light blue jeans or chino trousers.
The best way to wear espadrilles is on bare feet - just like sandals.

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Where do they come from?

Espadrilles are shoes with a very long history. It is believed that first models of this very popular footwear where made thousands of years ago. In the archeological museum of Spanish Grenada we can admire quite a primitive pair of espadrilles, which age is estimated to be about 4000 years old. Since XIII century many Spanish shoemakers were manufacturing the espadrilles, which were worn at the beginning mainly on the countryside by peasants. However, their convenience and easy use made them more and more popular. In the next centuries they were worn by soldiers, priests and even miners.

How is it made?

Traditionally the main and most important product needed to produce espadrilles is braided rope, made my dried jute fiber, or possibly linen or other natural grass. The jute fibers are very solid, they are a perfect insulation layer and are biodegradable in 100%, which is important for people who care about the environment. The rope is rolled out from huge spools and on a special rotary platform a bottom layer is created, which will be used as sole. Pieces of the upper part of the shoes can be made of different fabrics and materials. It is cut out with the use of a special press. Next, the top part of the shoe is sewed and joined together with the sole.

Espadrilles in men’s fashion

In the 1920’ and 1930’ the men’s espadrilles were an important element of man’s fashion, which is well documented on the photographs from those times. Men usually wore them to go to the beach or to any other places related to summer activates and leisure. Not only classic models were popular but also the ones which were tied around ankle. Nowadays the espadrilles are one of the most popular type of men’s summer shoes and we could say that they have achieved a stable position in men’s everyday casual fashion. One of the biggest advantages of espadrilles is the fact that they are very breathable. This is possible thanks to linen sole and usually light top part of the shoe, which let the air flow so that the foot may breath. The sole which - as we know - is made of rope is very comfortable and adjusts easily to the foot shape. Today you may find lots of variations on espadrilles, i.e. you can find very interesting models in Havaianas collection. The company uses the same type of material as the one used in flip flops and sandals as a sole.
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Espadrilles – summer shoes with rope sole. Looking for trendy summer shoes? Check out our espadrilles collection and find a perfect pair for yourself.