Dupe Flip Flops

Dupe flip flops spell casual footwear with comfort at its core. These are beach thongs that mean business with durable rubber soles imprinted with bright and contrasting color combinations. The flip flops are lightweight yet designed for rugged adventures on the sand or the sidewalk. The soles and the straps are lightly textured for improved traction. Match them with your favorite beach wear or resort outfit, and pack a pair in your tote bag to have them handy when you feel that laid-back attitude coming on. Possibly the most popular style of footwear all over the world, Dupe flip flops lead the pack in terms of design safety and comfort.

Dupé flip-flops are known throughout Brazil for their fashionable styles and comfortable fits. The company has been designing, manufacturing and distributing flip-flops for Brazilians and tourists in the country since 1969, but its products have recently been released for export to the United States and around the world. The signature Dupé flip-flops are made of rubber but include several unique innovations that contribute to their comfort, safety and style. The design begins with 100 percent real rubber insoles instead of plastic or PVC-based materials that dry out, retain heat or slip on smooth surfaces. Added to the rubber insoles is Dupé’s GEL HXP technology. GEL HXP acts as a shock absorber, providing both comfort and stability. Impacts are absorbed into the shoe before they even reach the wearer’s feet. After the rubber and GEL HXP insoles, the third ingredient that makes Dupé flip-flops so popular is their style. The 2012 collection has already received rave reviews from both consumers and professional fashion reviewers. Over 20 different models are available in this bold yet sophisticated collection. Metallic and neon colors are used generously in the designs, the straps have comfortable egg-shell textures, and the foot beds are scaled so that the flip-flops stay on when wet and when making sudden, fast movements.