Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
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Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral
Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral

Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral

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Description - Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral Sunnylife

  • Beach Bag
  • Brand: Sunnylife
  • Main color: Multicolor
  • Print: Stripped
  • Depth: 22cm / 8.66in
  • Height: 52cm / 20.47in
  • Width: 70cm / 27.56in
  • Origin: Made in China

Beach Bag Multicolor Sunnylife

  • Composition: Woven PP
Product information
  • Department: Unisex, Beach Bag
  • Package includes: 1 x Beach Bag (Other accessories not included)
  • HS CODE (Customs number): 42021210
  • SKU: 1981120946
  • EAN: Unique size (9339296062593)
  • Supplier reference: S30CARDC
  • Weight: 300g / 0.66lb / 10.58oz
  • Print is not exact and may vary according to cut
  • Retouched photos
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for Sunnylife Carryall Beach Bag De Playa Coral

How to clean beach bags?

Beach bags can be made of many materials: straw (synthetic or natural), plastic or cotton. Therefore, there are many ways to take care of the beach bag.

1) First of all, no matter the fabrics, always before leaving the beach, shake off as much sand as possible. Do it carefully, so it will spare lots of trouble at home.

2) If the bag is made of plastic, you can simply wash by hand, using soap and warm water and a piece of cloth or soft sponge. Never wash it in the washing machine.

3) If the bag is made of cotton ? you can probably wash it in the washing machine, however, hand washing is always safer (check what the care tag says). Before washing you can vacuum the bag and leave it in a warm water basin so that the textile will get a bit loose and the sand will fall out to the bottom of the basin. Follow the care tag instructions concerning washing all the textile bags.

4) If the bag is made of straw: the procedure is similar as with the beach hats. Brush off the dirt and dust using a bristle brush and always brush with the nap of the straw. Remove oily stains using cornstarch or talcum powder. Sprinkle it on a stain, leave for a couple of hours and brush the stain off. Another kind of common stains, such as ice-cream stains, you can remove using a white cloth dampened in warm water and hydrogen peroxide (or a gentle soap).

5) Dry the beach bag in the shade completely before the next use.

This simple instruction should keep your beach bag looking sharp all summer long!

About Sunnylife

Founded in 2003, Sunnylife is the world' leading Summer lifestyle brand, designed to service and enhance the best parts of life under the sun. Conceived on the beaches of Sydney, the brand was established with a simple goal: to share Australia’s authentic summer style with the rest of the world. Today our products can be found on beaches, in pools and at sun drenched holiday destinations across the globe. Sunnylife is recognised for its vast seasonal collections featuring every must-have summer item imaginable. Fashion referenced bold graphics, showstopping prints and trend-setting packaging are all part of our trademark signature. We are continually committed to creating a range of sunny essentials that deliver on innovation, quality, style and functionality; the perfect summer range solution.

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