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Camiseta Sport Fit Ml Ferrugem

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Description - Camiseta Sport Fit Ml Ferrugem UV Line

  • Rash Guard
  • Brand: UV Line
  • Main color: Copper
  • Print: Solid Color
  • Top style: Rash Guard
  • Padded: Top without padding
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash cold, dry flat
  • Origin: Made in Brazil

Rash Guard Copper UV Line SUMMER

  • Composition: 100% Polyamide - UPF50+
Product information
  • Department: Woman, Rash Guard
  • Package includes: 1 x Rash Guard (Other accessories not included)
  • HS CODE (Customs number): 61124100
  • SKU: 1981123666
  • EAN: S (7899918347863), M (7899918347733), L (7899918347726), XL (7899918347719)
  • Supplier reference: 04.08.2010
  • Weight: 400g / 0.88lb / 14.11oz
  • Retouched photos
Wash & care instructions

Care instructions for UV Line Camiseta Sport Fit Ml Ferrugem

Do you want to enjoy your new bikini set for a few seasons? If so, you need to learn how to take good care of it. The good quality fabric is a must if you want to enjoy your bikini set for more than one summer, but how to make it last for a few years?

First of all: avoid harsh surfaces. When you want to sit or lie down - always use a towel. Direct contact with surfaces such as concrete, stones (e.g. swimming pool edges) or wood (splinters!) may simply damage the soft fabric of your swimwear.

How to wash?

After each use, rinse the bikini in clear and not salty water. We always recommend hand washing. Never use strong detergents such as stain removers. Use products for delicate fabrics, a simple soap but preferably the special product intended for swimwear washing.

Always remember to take out the wet swimsuit from your beach bag or pouch. Do not leave it wet for a long time folded and damp. Why? The prints and patterns may discolor. And if your bikini is ornamented with stones, pearls or frills avoid rubbing, twisting and stretching while washing.

If the swimsuit has a stain, try to dab it while it is still wet. If the stain is dry, avoid scratching it off. You may destroy the dye. It is better to ask for help your local dry cleaner.

How to dry?

Never in the sun. Take a towel, put your bikini or a swimsuit on it and roll delicately in order to take out the excess of water. Lay it flat on a towel and let it dry in a shade. Direct exposure on sunlight may start the color fading process. Never us a dryer.

How to get rid of little sand particles imprisoned in your fabrics? Take a hairdryer and blow the sand out on a cool setting.

About UV Line

It is possible to enjoy the sun and be well protected – this is the UV.LINE philosophy! You don’t need to avoid the sun to stay healthy and look young. UV.LINE believes the opposite – that the sun is a natural remedy and the source of happiness for everyone! However, the use of the sun must be conscious. A direct exposition on strong sun rays is not healthy for anyone. It may be very prejudicial for your skin and general health (e.g. aging, sunburns, skin cancer). If you know all this – you are on the right path!

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